Rampart trek at Golconda fort near Haatiyaan ka jhad

Rampart trek at Golconda fort near Haatiyaan ka jhad


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Trek along the outer ramparts of the scenic Golkonda Fort. Experience the visual treat of an open Sky and lush green surroundings, the aroma of fresh foliage with the monsoon just having set in. Jump like a goat across the small chasms for the adventurous or sedately amble around them! View the magnificent canons lying askew on the ruins of the ramparts, which would have been sentinels of the Qutub shahi armies of yore on these crumbling bastions. Get a fabulous view of the old city and a new perspective of the fort itself. Test your endurance and bond with nature steeped with history. Spend time at the Hatiyaan ka jhad, a balboa tree with a trunk girth of almost 80 feet, with legends and stories surrounding the spot of strategies being cooked up inside the ample area inside the tree trunk. Those nimble enough and keen can also climb up to view and enter these two small cave like enclosures!!

CHARGES: Charges do not includes travel to and from the venue.

Meeting Point: Gate of the Qutub shahi tombs.

WHAT TO GET: Backpack/duck bag Fruits/Chocolates/Munch bars/Snacks/LUNCH/ Raingear/Cap/Umbrella/Windcheaters or else get ready to soak up the rain Wear only sport/Trek shoes and loose tracks Wear long sleeves clothes to avoid injuries from bushes/shrubs/thorns Water - 2 Litres Band-aid/medicationsif any/Glucose - D FIRTS AID KIT will be available Cameras to capture memorable moments! Lots of energy, attitude to excell and laughs...absolutely necessary!!!

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