Ramkali - Play At Shri Ram Centre

Ramkali - Play At Shri Ram Centre


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Ramkali - Play. Bertolt Brecht 's 'Ramkali' Adaptation of Bertolt Brecht 's play - 'The Good Person of Szechwan' Adapted in Hindi By Amitabh Srivastava, Lyrics By Piyush Mishra, Music by Dr.Sangeeta Gaur.

It raises core issues facing today's world, of greed versus common good, of the value of right and wrong, of the pressures society puts on people.. which drive them to committing wrongs to keep up with expectations, the exploitation of goodness and of good people by an aspiring society, and the question of equating theft and wrong doing out of need with that done out of greed. Brecht used theatre to raise issues, as does Darpana and Asmita Theatre Group, Arvind Gaur's company based in Delhi . Brecht, like Arvind Gaur and Mallika Sarabhai, believed in entertaining people with theatrics and songs to keep them engaged but watchful, planting seeds of doubt to shake complacency. __ It is said that between the battle of wrong and right, it is truth that wins, yet ladies and gentlemen, the truth in this play is yet to be discovered... so if you think it has been some time since you've done a good deed, think again... maybe not. May be we all have been Ramkali, doing 'the right thing' in the wrong place or vice versa ! Still having second thoughts? - To those born later You who will emerge from the flood Which we have gone under.

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