Ramazan Special - Guided Photo Walk at Mohammed Ali Road

Ramazan Special - Guided Photo Walk at Mohammed Ali Road


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About The Event

For those who've been over (but not on) Mohammed Ali Road, it's hard to picture the blighted stretch underneath as an all-night, kilometre-long buffet. What's even harder is finding your way to where the meal is – unless you know where you're headed. The evening rush to buy food supplies which is being cooked on charcoal grills, hundreds of street vendors selling every possible thing needed for a daily life, and to top it all with perfect picture square for a photographer is just the right time to head there. 

The area is dividend into two zones: Bohri Mohalla and Minara Masjid. The former is the quieter of the two, and packs up by midnight. Minara Masjid's vertiginous green minarets are hard to miss. 

Insomniac adventurers can follow the action all the way up to (or down from) Nagpada Junction. Distances are walkable and even the narrowest streets are floodlit. Only the sunrise will stop you from shooting it all.


Photo Konnect Walks are exclusive private photo walking tours by experienced photographers. They include historical picture square at various points of interest and time to photograph that area. The individualized attention of the private tour will allow you to grow creatively and to focus on your particular strengths as a photographer.

Your photo walk starts with a brief lesson on photography and then along the way you will be assigned certain shots to capture to help you progress as a photographer. If you are shooting digital we will review your photos with you and give you pointers.

11 June 2016

06:30 PM - 20 minute talk on street photography, pointers for the shoot, safety briefing at meeting point
06:45 PM - Proceed towards Mohammed Ali Road
07:00 PM - Shoot with the mentor until Roza ends and keep capturing beautiful moments. 
08:15 PM - Leave for cafe. 
08:30 PM - Hop into a cafe to download your pictures on a laptop for a citique session 
09:45 PM - Critique session ends 

Photo Mentor: Aslam Sayaid & Mulchand Dedhia

Fees: Rs.1,000 (Photo Walk + Critique Session) 

To Book a Spot Call 9833683379

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