Hydourite 2012 - Strings, Winds & Fire

Hydourite 2012 - Strings, Winds & Fire


About The Event

Strings, Winds & Fire brings together three of the most prominent musical prodigies of our times to create a fusion of Indian classical music with Western beats and melodies, that will appeal to today's generation and leave them asking for more.

India's most sought-after musicians – Rakesh Chaurasia on the Flute, Ravi Chary on the Sitar, and Gino Banks on Percussions will be accompanied by Hyderabad's well known talents – Javed Khan on the Tabla and Mark on the Keyboard, to present a unique musical soiree for the first time in the city. 

Come and enjoy a never before experience of melodies, beats and harmonies in Strings, Winds & Fire – an entertaining evening where East meets West.

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