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Signature Seminar Series by Brigadier Sushil Bhasin
More Fun, New Games, and Much More Knowledge
 Are you living your dreams?
Do you think you work at your optimum potential?
Do you get a feeling of ful

Raise the Bar


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About The Event

Raise the Bar

Signature Seminar Series by Brigadier Sushil Bhasin

More Fun, New Games, and Much More Knowledge


 Are you living your dreams?


Do you think you work at your optimum potential?


Do you get a feeling of fulfilment?


If the answer to any of the above questions is NO – you need to pause and think !

Why am I not satisfied and content with the way I live.


Will you like to elevate yourself from where you are to where you want to be or where you can

possibly be.

Will you like to “Raise the Bar?”



To help you move to the path of re discovery,


To answer some of the above questions


And get closer to your contentment and fulfilment,


Come and spend a day with us….


A Day Of Contentment


A Day Of Empowerment


A Day Of Enlightenment


A Day Of Self-Discovery

A Day Of awakening

A Day Of self realisation.


As per the Johari window concept, we all have 4 scenarios


I know –you know

I know – you don’t know

You know – I don’t know

I don’t know – you don’t know


We will help you look at the last window which is closed and help you open it.


In this workshop, we will use the activity based experiential learning platform with lots of fun and

effective lessons through reflections




Who am I ?

Why am I here on this planet earth?

Where am I going?

What is my goal?

Am I on the right path?

Theory of mind

Why experiential learning? Kolb cycle of learning

Need to change. Overcome resistance to change


Confidence building

Passion with a mission

The magic of energy

Be a change creator and influence people


An investment of 7000 seconds of your valuable time !! and you will find it worth the effort.

You will walk out and take home with you your enhanced confidence, your enriched experience

and a clearer mind leading you to identify the purpose of life.


Who is Brigadier Sushil Bhasin ?


Brig Sushil Bhasin, served the Indian Army for over 34 years.

From the elementary training of recruits at the grass root level to formulating training doctrine for

the Indian Army at ARTRAC (Army Training Command), Brig Bhasin has been deeply involved in

multiple training processes throughout his career.

Brig Bhasin was the Chairman of Army Public School, Bareilly from 2002-2004. During this tenure

he developed a great passion for education and fell in love with children. He decided to give up his

brilliant Army career to start his own training company.

Taking his rich training experience to another level, Brig Sushil Bhasin has now turned into an

executive trainer, a corporate facilitator, a mentor and a motivational speaker. He is the co-founder

and Chairman and Managing Director of EMPOWER ACTIVITY CAMPS - a training company for

students, teachers and corporate executives.

After this rewarding and enriching experience as Co-Founder and Chairman & Managing Director

of Empower Activity Camps, he has chosen to shift gears and step up on a Fast Track mode to

pursue his Passion of empowering human effectiveness in a bigger and broader sense and fulfil

his long lasting dream of enhancing, nurturing and developing Human Lives to achieve their

dreams and objective of life.

In the 10.5 years out of uniform, Brig Bhasin has conducted over 500 Outbound Management

Development Programmes, indoor workshops and delivered motivational talks for various

corporate clients, Principals & teachers and students with over-whelming response.

In the Education sector, Brig Bhasin has conducted 4 Educational Leadership programmes for

Ryan International Schools, Podar Schools and COCO Schools of Zee Learn. He has conducted

teachers training for over 2000 teachers and camps for over 20000 students.

The training fraternity recognises Brig Bhasin for his extreme passion, innovation, creativity and a

deep sense of involvement in pre and post work related to training.

Brig Bhasin has had an opportunity to conduct leadership and team building training in USA,

Singapore, Philippines, Muscat and Kuwait.

Sushil did his B Ed at the age of 54 and concentrated on Value Added Education, ‘beyond the

classroom’ He soon found his calling in ‘Experiential Learning’ in outdoor environment in which he

spent years of effort in gaining expertise in the subject.

Been a part of the Education Leadership Programme which he attended with 14 Principals of

Dehradun Schools in 2005

Attended the Basic Human Process lab at ISABS. ( Indian Society for Applied Behavioural


The Landmark Forum and the Advance Course.

Member of ASCD ( Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development)

Active member of AEE (Association of Experiential Education).

Chairman of IAG (International Affiliation Group) of AEE from Nov 2010 to Nov 2013

He represents India in the International Council for Self Esteem (ICSE).

Clinical Hypnosis First Level by CHII (California Hypnosis Institute of India)

Co Founder and member of SSSCI (Special Sports Schools Council of India)

CEDA. (Certified Extended DISC Administrator)

Member of IATF (International Association of Team Building Facilitators)

Attended a webinar based programme by world famous Tom Heck President & Founder of the

International Association of Teamwork Facilitators - "Leader As Coach Fast Track Program", an

intensive 7-week leadership development program engaging professionals on four continents.

Member of IAF (International Association of Facilitators)

Attended many workshops / seminars to enhance his professional knowledge. Some of the

important ones are - by Jack Canfield, Michael Losier - Law of Attraction, John Foppe, Brian Tracy

- Psychology of Winning and the latest one - Total Success by Anthony Robbins in Singapore in

May 2015.

He has visited USA twice to attend the International Trainers conference of AEE. In Nov 2011 he

became the first Indian to present a workshop (College to Corporate) in this elite forum.

He was recently recognized by Rotary club with a Vocational Excellence Award

Lions Club of Bombay Uptown awarded hi a citation on 15 Aug 2014

He has visited outbound training facilities in USA such as NY City Outward Bound, the Browne

Outbound Learning Centre at South Hampton University, a students camp at Fishkille, and the

Outbound Centre at Baltimore to study the ‘Experiential Learning’ pedagogy in use in USA. He also

met and networked with some of the leading Leadership and Team Building trainers in USA. He

has been the Co Chairman of the International Affiliation Group of AEE.

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