Quazer 2012

Quazer 2012


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Quazer is the bright centre of immense knowledge which is powered by CESA, Computer-Science Engineering Students Association of MET's School of Engineering. The word Quazer is derived from the word Quasar, which means an enomously bright object at the edge of our universe whose power output is several thousand times that of the entire galaxy.

Quazer is essentially an opportunity for you to understand and capitalise on a vibrant and dynamic platform. We aim to promote the subjects Science, Technology, Engineering both to young people and the wider community, through an accessible and entertaining festivel programme. The system of education has confined to only to the world of books, and this is a technical fest which is meant to bring the ideas out of books and explore whats in you!

We could definitly promise you that the moments with us will be savour and cherish forever with lots of events and amazing prizes than ever before in the history of Kerala.

Infotainment, a rare combination of information and entertainment, adds to the fun quotient of this fete, catering to all segments of the student community.

The nature of genius is to be able to grasp the knowledge from the crudest of sources that come beyond intuition. Prepare to explore the wilderness of your intelligence as you encounter some of the most challenging events of Quazer. Very honestly ,there is something here for every mind ready to think beyond defined horizons . The events , forming the heart of Quazer, have a whole range of fantabulous prizes at stake.

Presenting to you exciting events, get set to be transported to a whole new world to witness the clash of titans , the battle of brains, the vie of the wizards , all striving to reach out, reach high and reach beyond the supreme.

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