Book Online Tickets for Quantum Energetics Level 1 Seminar, Mumb, Mumbai. Quantum Energetics is the HEART of Transformation!Welcome to a whole new experience in healing for the first time in India. Be a part of a new consciousness technology, which involves the subtle laws of quantum physics, heart field intentions and a s

Quantum Energetics Level 1 Seminar, Mumbai


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About The Event

Quantum Energetics is the HEART of Transformation!

Welcome to a whole new experience in healing for the first time in India.

Be a part of a new consciousness technology, which involves the subtle laws of quantum physics, heart field intentions and a state of completely letting go.

Understand how your “reality” is nothing like you thought it was and how it is easy to break through its patterns!

The focus here is to play, let go and re-learn. You experience new tools that help you to make observable and measurable changes instantly.

The levels are designed to allow you to master the technique with enough theory to engage your curios mind and ample practice to get your steeped into the field of pure play of consciousness!

In levels 1,2 and 3, we teach you some of these, which are best combined with the technology itself. The course content includes topics such as:

History and Laws of Quantum Physics
Quantum Physics and Classical Physics
The Quantum HeartQuantum Touch
40 Plus Quantum Energetics Modalities
15 different Healing Tools
Tools for brining awareness and abundance
Physio Energetics
Time Energetics
Emotion Energetics
Psychic Energetics
Vibrational Energetics with Intelligent Frequencies
Healing Tools

The Level 1, two day seminar will teach you how to access and use the field of consciousness, the laws of quantum physics, the heart field and how science and spirituality recognise consciousness as the very fabric of existence.

We get you to experience how your reality is so fragile and ways to bring a shift in it. When Quantum Energetics has been used in sessions, clients have felt a cognitive shift in the body and mind and the results have ranged from liberating laughter to releasing trauma and from “dropping out” to feeling deep sense of peace.

Participants often are pleasantly perplexed at how their problems seem less overwhelming and sometimes disappear after spending a weekend immersed in the field of pure play. Take a chance on being “out of the box” for two whole days.

Areas of Healing after Level 1:
1. Aura and Chakras and Assemblage Point Repair,
2. Energy Cleansing
3. Past Life and Current Life emotional and physical traumas, 4. Clearing self sabotaging belief systems arising from race/sex/caste/country/ancestors/culture/profession, etc, 5. Shifting morphogenic fields,
6. Breaking down heart walls and heart field expansion,
7. Clearing psychic entities/soul fragments,
8. Reversing black magic,
9. Removing multidimensional debris and thought forms,
10. Learning to work with frequencies for remote healing and healing of all life forms and inanimate objects,
11. Learn to supercharge your food and water,
12. Reverse insomnia/ADD/ADHD,
13. Corrections for nervous system,
14. Harmonize bodily functions,
15. Clear all physical aches and pains,
16. Reverse panic attacks,
17. Remove all birth and in-utero traumas,
18. Clearing root causes of tumors,
19. Detoxifying the bodily systems for persons with drug abuse or alcohol abuse or over medication,
20. Removal of long term habits,
21. Removing fears and phobias,
22.Cleansingspaces/situations/people/offices/factories/home/plants and animals,
23. Repairing hormonal and endocrine system of the body, 24. Clearing depression and bipolar disorder
25. Raising kundalini,
26. Astral and multidimensional travel.

Who can attend?
Anyone with an interest in healing for self and others, quantum physics, opening and expansion of the heart field, consciousness and a general itch to get out of the box for themselves and others.

About the Facilitator:
Aditi Surti has studied and practiced a range of healing modalities and therapies for the past few years. Some of these include Energy Psychology, Energy Medicine, Matrix, Emotional Freedom Technique, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Vibrational Medicine & Reiki.

After having been through all of these techniques, she feels that it has now come to a point where one single modality practiced at the level of pure consciousness can incorporate all of these other techniques. In the past year she has been developing this transformation system to make it easily accessible and understood by anyone who wishes to learn it.

It includes course material, breakfast, lunch and two tea/coffee for both days of the seminar.

Yet to be decided. It will be in Andheri West/Juhu area.

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