Quantum Body Communication Workshop

Quantum Body Communication Workshop


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About The Event

 Our physical body is capable of healing itself, naturally. It’s something we’ve known and, often, take for granted. But what we probably don’t know is that when we learn to communicate with our body, we initiate a process of healing at the deepest level.

It’s just the thing that you will learn to do in the quantum body communication workshop - establish a connect with your body such that you can not only communicate with it but also receive communication from it. It’s this delicate yet strong, ever significant connection which can transform your health and show you the power of creating your world through your own intentions.

During the 6-hour workshop, you will:
● Learn to communicate with your body through different techniques
● Experience guided progressive relaxation
● Learn about 'Innate', a spiritual instrument
● Take body communication to the next level to enhance spiritual growth.

Some takeaways from this workshop:
● Initiate transformation of your health
● Ability to create physical and emotional wellbeing through personal intentions
● Initiate healing at a deeper, quantum level
● Experience a flourishing healthy life

Energy Exchange: Rs. 3500

To know more and to book your slot:

1. Enroll on https://www.thesilverlining.co.in/eventdetail/Quantum-Body-Communication-Workshop/MzEz
2. Call us on +91 9821905370 or whatsapp us on +91 8504009974
3. Email us on awnish@thesilverlining.co.in, with your name and contact number

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