Meetup event: EQ (Emotional Intelligence) in Public Speaking

Meetup event: EQ (Emotional Intelligence) in Public Speaking


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    EQ (Emotional Intelligence) in Public Speaking

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About The Event

Thank you for showing interest  to become a great Motivational Speaker

As a speaker to get connected to audience, there are four factors or links to be maintained to be an excellent motivational speaker. They are


• Physical (Appearance) Link/ Matching 


• Intellectual (Knowledge) Link/ Matching 


• Emotional (Feel comfortable)  Matching & 


• Core Value (Committed, Trustworthy) Matching 


As a speaker when I stand stage, the audience will notice my dressing or physical appearance. Is it matching the occasion, the community I am speaking to? Are they able to connect to me.


2nd impression comes from the content or knowledge that I am sharing is it going to be useful them.


3rd factor is not how I am sharing, it the audience feeling comfortable to listen to me. If I communicate in a commanding or blaming manner to my audience, I may not be emotionally connected to the audience.


The most important factor to be an outstanding speaker in the long run is that, whatever I share should be based on truth and I must be committed to my wording, I must take responsibility of my every action and therefore be trustworthy. Once I loose theTRUST, no one will come to listen to me.


Thoughts are powerful vibration. These vibrations become powerful and strong when you practice what you speak out in a training session.

As a Motivational Speaker whatever you convey if you have not practiced, it is not the ultimate truth for you. It is theoretical truth, because it is not an experiential truth for you. Therefore whenever you convey your ideas to the participants, you can not be that confident. Your body language will not be aligned. The vibrations of thought will not be that powerful to create greater impact on others mind who are listening to your talk. If you can understand the functioning of mobile phone, you will have more clarity of the concept I am trying to convey. You can communicate to other person through mobile phones due to the matching of vibrations (wave length) of other person’s mobile whom you are talking with your mobile’s vibration.


If you want to be an effective Motivational Speaker or a trainer, you must practice yourself what you preach. If you are not committed, you can’t ask participants to be committed. If you are not punctual and trustworthy, you can not ask participants to be punctual and trustworthy. If you cannot practice forgiveness and gratitude then you can not expect participant to practice and it will not work out. It will not hit their mind; there is no alignment of thought vibration. Only good in speaking will not workout in the long run, to be an effective trainer and communicator. You must practice yourself whatever you convey. Your thoughts and actions must be aligned.


Once your thoughts and actions are aligned, your presence will emit positive vibration (aura), then whatever you convey; people will give their best effort to act on your instruction. Once your participants act on your instruction, you become an effective Motivational Speaker.

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