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Are you a professional or a business owner quite successful at your work place, people see you as a subject matter expert but do you hesitate to open up

Public Speaking and Presentation skills Training- Results Oriented and Practical by Saurabh Chharia


  • Public Speaking Training by Saurabh Chharia

    best public speaking training in hyderabad by saurabh chharia

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Are you a professional or a business owner quite successful at your work place, people see you as a subject matter expert but do you hesitate to open up in public gatherings, presentations and speak up? Do you tend to run away from speaking opportunities and feel you have stage fear and nervousness? Do you lack confidence while presententing? Do you feel you are an average speaker able to manage presentations but still feel you are not able to build connection with your audience and make them WOW with your presentations?

Many of us suffer from this fear of public speaking infact public speaking has been listed as the biggest fear of human life. Don't worry the best Public Speaking Trainer of Hyderabad Mr Saurabh Chharia is going to take you from "Stage Fear" to "Stage Awesome"

Just imagine you overcome your fear of public speaking and are filled with immense confidence. Next time when there is a speaking opportunity you run towards the stage. People see you as an expert and admire the way you talk. You get standing ovation everytime you speak. Feels like dream come true isn't it.

Results Oriented Practical Public Speaking Training Confidence Motion will make it happen for you.

Sample Videos and Reviews:

 This course is focused on teaching YOU practically


2) How to overcome NERVOUSNESS FOREVER.

3) How to connect with your audience and make them feel WOW!

4) How to speak for hours together without forgetting a word or going blank

5) How to transform yourself from being an average speaker to an awesome champion Speaker.

For whom is this course for?

This course is only for serious people who realize the importance of Public Speaking in the current world scenario.

Ideally this course is Exclusively for Working Professionals, Business heads and Entrepreneurs, who wants to Excel in their Professions. We have a separate course for students.

To name few of the professionals who attended our training are:

  • Business owners/Entrepreneurs
  • CEO and MD of companies
  • IT Delivery Managers
  • IT Leads
  • IT Professionals
  • Charted Accountants(CA)
  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Sales and Marketing Heads
  • Marketing Professionals
  • HR Managers
  • Teachers
  • Politicians
  • Foreigners
  • Trainers
  • Aspiring Motivational Speakers


Our Training’s are all Practical, NO THEORY at ALL.

 Whatever we teach, you will be learning it practically by implementing it right away on stage in-front of Audience. We will be behind you till the moment you do it right.

 Course Description:


1) 18 hours of Professional Workshop on Effective and Practical Public speaking:

 This training is divided in to 3 Modules

i) Root Cause of the Problem: Attendees will be given a clear understanding on why is that they get nervous and how to over come it.A detailed understanding on overcoming stage fear.We will be analyzing there belief system about Public Speaking and will be installing positive beliefs about public speaking.


ii ) Structuring of Presentation:  A clear understanding on how to structure a flawless,beautiful and an excellent speech in less than 10 minutes. Will be taught practically how to start a speech, how to add stories,analogies,how to engage audience,how to make in interesting, how to conclude properly. Whatever is taught will be asked to implement practically right away on the stage.


iii) Delivery: It includes all the non verbal's Like Body Language, voice Modulation, Gestures,Eye connection, confidence Levels.Will be taught practically followed by implementation on stage.


iv) For Virtual Audience: As a special requirement for consultants who  speak regularly with customers over Skype, presentations/webinars will be taught how they can effectively communicate with the client and create a lasting impression's from there deliveries.

 2) 2 Months of Practice Plan.


 Once the training is concluded we have a customized practice plan for each individual based on his/her lifestyle and free time. We will be choosing 10 minutes of free time from an indiviaduals life after mutual agreement and we will giving them a plan on practicing public speaking at there home in an effective way. List of practice tasks will be given, How to practice will be taught and there will be a weekly followups about there status on practicing public speaking. If required by company we can share the progress reports of individuals.

 3) Access to Meet up group: 

All the individuals who attend the training will get a complimentary access to meet up group of saurabh chharia for 12 months. This meet up happens once in a month in Hyderabad.Happening of this meets will informed a week prior and on fist come first serve basis 20 people can be a par of it.

If you want to become a great confient speaker forever. Grab this opportunity.




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