Public Speaking Club Meetup: Body and mind are two different entities

Public Speaking Club Meetup: Body and mind are two different entities


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 Public Speaking Club Meetup topic:

Body and mind are two different entities

It’s the mind which controls the body. You have to act on your mind. 

You have to visualise in your mind what are the end results you want to achieve. What are you going to get out of this exercise? 

You may not like: to get up early morning or exercise in the morning or meditate or study.But if you can remember and visualise the benefit of getting up early morning or the benefit of exercise and meditation or study; and tell your mind

 “I will get up early in the morning/ I will exercise for my health and fitness/ I will eat bitter guard for my health/ I will meditate for my peace of mind/ I will study to do well in my life.”

 You will change your act as your thoughts become stronger and stronger.

Do you want to control yourself or you want to be controlled by others and your ‘body’ and your ‘mind’?

Sometime people say ‘I hate myself”. 

What does that mean? 

That means, ‘I’ and ‘myself’ are two different entities. 

‘I’ is what you want to be and ‘myself’ is what you are right now.

“I want to or I feel like committing suicide.”

You want to kill or destroy someone whom you don’t like. But you got the power to act on him. 

You can have total control on you if you want. But all these years your other ‘self’ has controlled you. 

So it will take sometime to take the handover of power, that is taking control of your self.

You can start working on it from right now; there is no tomorrow or next time. 

Let’s take conscious effort and conscious decision to take responsibility of our life.(After committing suicide will you be relieved? 

You will have to take another birth and in that birth also will you be able to control yourself?

The mind you are carrying is not from this birth only, but from many previous births. 

The characteristics you are carrying are not the result of this birth only, but the result of many previous births. To understand this concept, let’s take the example of a seed. A seed carries its characteristics from previous tree. Now wherever this seed will be grown, the growth will be on the basis of the environment i.e. the soil, sunlight, humidity, water, air and on the inherent characteristics it will be carrying from previous birth.

In the same way your growth depend on the characteristic you are carrying, not only from this birth, but from previous birth and the environment you are brought up, such as your parents, you academic background, culture and friend circle.In more detail we will discuss on this subject in the meetup)

Identification with the mind gives rise to the ego; which is a false self. Identification with the mind cause thought to be compulsive. Compulsive thinking has become a disease. It makes us to live in the past or future, not in present. We are all suffering from it, so it is considered to be normal. We don’t know that we became slaves of our minds.

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