PSYlent THURSDAY Season 2 Opening Party @ Cocoparra | 28th Nov

PSYlent THURSDAY Season 2 Opening Party @ Cocoparra | 28th Nov


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PUNE!!! Guess who is back! The home to all your mid week psy cravings, the night that set tone for many bigger things to come in our town, yes its time again to welcome back - PSYlent THURSDAYS!!!

After a rather long break, we continue on the path with our efforts to bring back the eclectic psychedelic sounds at a boutique venue and this time its the forest of Cocoparra! Our excitement levels are at an all new high to resume this journey with you and to kickstart things we bring you 3 super talented deck commanders!


(Vantara Vichitra Records, Bangalore/Pune)

This project was influenced by psychedelic trance music during a trip to Goa in year 2000. He started DJ'ing in year2004.
Has performed at several festivals and parties in Australia, Malaysia and in India along side Kashyyk, Papiyan,Dark Nebula, BrokenToy,Deliriant, Tetrameth,Sensient, One Tasty Morsel, Terrafractyl and various other artists.

AlienTrancesistor releases -
Earthdance Guatemala(2010), 
Kalila Wa Dimna(2010), 
Descensus Christi Ad Infer(2011)

AlienTrancesistor aka Vikram is also an Audio Engineer by profession, currently based in Pune. Vikram collaborated with Bangalore-based producer Cacofonix and created Vantara Vichitra records, an Indian psytrance record label, whose debut album is VA- Schismatic Transposition released all over the world on May 6th, 2011. It has received great reviews for psytrance cravers around the world!

-=:: PSYSTER ::=-

PsySter is Steve Peter from the ancient part of the planet; Pune, India. He is into Psychedelic Music scenes for a couple of years now since he was influenced by the genre. PsySter generates an Energy on the dance floor with his powerful emotic sets ranging from 145BPM to 152BPM.
After experiencing music closely has also started producing his own sounds scapes, mainly focusing on psychedelic free style music with dark atmospheric pads that takes the listeners to a twisted feeling on the dance floor. He has always been fiercely passionate about Psychedelic Music and enjoys gathering and rotating the vibes all over....!!!!!!!

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-=:: DEEP ::=-

With a mere experience of 6 years, Deep has climbed his way to the upper reaches of success in a rather enviable time. "My style usually varies from some delicious progressive to a bit of super groovy techno, a pinch of the commercial sounds for the saturday night clubbers, heading all the way into some power packed trance and psychedelic goodies", adds this powerhouse of talent. His sounds have an immense hypnotic groove and pack a punch in every single set that he seems to deliver so effortlessly, all owing to his vast knowledge and a supreme taste in electronic dance music. As he puts it, the uniqueness of his sets comes custom tailored to every single floor that he takes charge of. He has a flare for evolving his sounds to the latest cutting edge music that technology would permit and has a unique ability to keep a packed house together and moving in sync going complete nuts.

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To add in to the madness, we are bringing in some mad decor, trippy as f*** visuals and a whole new vibe! And trust us when we tell you, this time its going to be bigger and better than ever!

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