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Prosperity in Business Through NLP


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    Prosperity In Business Through NLP

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About The Event


"Great Business Owners are made, not born"

"Discover How To Build A High Profiting Business with Dream Clients—by Transforming your Business with Passion, Drive and Enthusiasm, skyrocket your sales & Doing What You Were Born To Do - even if you think it's impossible !"

After great response & success in UK


'Prosperity In Business through NLP'

at Surat

Excelerate Your Business Exponentially through the powerful NLP

This One Opportunity of powerful 18 hours experience will help you to improve your communication skills in every area of your life.

You believe you have the best business Idea and you wish your million dollar idea turns into  million dollars in your bank account and on your order book consistently.

You want to ...

  • Understand how to be stress free, get motivated and be happy
  • Learn how to be mentally fit and how to manage your emotions
  • Find out how you can take action and beat hesitation and laziness
  • Eliminate fear of making new decisions, making a bold phone call to client, meeting new people including your customers and fear of tackling with your competitors
  • Eliminate any bad experiences in your past whether it's because of your decisions, actions, situation or people
  • Understand your team members, customers, negotiators as well as your family members
  • Learn to deal with conflict, disagreement and understand others' point of view
  • Discover the Practical Goal setting strategies that WORKS and achieve what you really want
  • Connect easily with people, make new customers and make people feel comfortable and easy
  • Learn to communicate effectively and influence others
  • Know to use right word at the right time and at the right place

Agree or not???'

After all, You want prosperity in your business, don't you?

You can do the same in your next 'Prosperity In Business through NLP'

So ask yourself: Who is stopping You to grow??

 NOTE: This is not a typical soft-skill training program. This is not a RA-RA motivational lecture only.

You don't have to only 'know' what to do. You have to "know how to do" too. And this workshop contains all the knowledge and skill that simply practical and realistic.

You will learn all ridiculously easy & do-able exercises that simply bring results and achievements

This workshop is designed on the latest powerful tool for changework called 'Neuro Linguistic Programming' which is widely known as NLP.


What is NLP?

  • NLP is a study of real people achieving real and tangible results in their real life.
  • NLP is a study of Excellence.
  • NLP is a way of sorting and organising our mental and behavioural skills. It doesn’t add anything new. It allows us to understand and refine our existing skills so that we can achieve more, easily and consistently
  • NLP is if possible for you so it’s possible for me.
  • NLP is a science and art of how to use the language of our mind to get your desired outcome.
  • In short, It’s how to reprogram your mind and language to bring productive, positive and purposeful change.

Exciting, isn’t it?

Read ahead… NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) was born out of a simple yet profound question "What makes the difference between someone who is competent at a skill and someone who is excellent?"

"The NLP techniques you will learn will take you from where you are now to where you want to be! Yes, It really is that simple!"

You Believe in results, achievement and happiness...

Nothing happens until you take productive, positive and purposeful decisions and actions.


Who should attend? and what are the benefits?

Business Person, Manager, Consultant, Sales Person, Trainer, Wannabe Entrepreneur, HR Manager, College or University student etc.
almost anyone who wants to grow businesss, sell more, connect with more people, be charismatic and live a quality personal as well as professional life.
Serious and appropriate inquiries only.


Find out, What you are going to learn from this live experiential training workshop

Imagine, what would happen if you learn the following ...

Check2blackThe Background of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). Understand what NLP actually means Learn the fascinating history of NLP

Check2blackHow our brain operates. How individuals see the same experience in different ways. How we generate our habits?
What really separates successful and unsuccessful people?
Check2blackLearn to manage your emotions, become confident, create more ideas and eliminate phobias

Check2blackHow to generate personal power when you want it.Get motivated, confident, charismatic and almost in any desirable state anytime and anywhere

Check2blackSee things from different perspective to deal with conflict, win the negotiation, to understand customer precisely and to have a healthy and productive relationship with everyone around you

Check2blackHow to set goals for success.  Create Well-formed Outcomes - "Is what you want, what you REALLY want?" How to understand what is really important to you - it may not be what you think!

Check2blackAchieve your goals quickly and easily. Find out how to reach your goals and dreams. This is one of the most promising and practical technique to achieve your goals.

Check2blackHow to build and maintain Rapport easily and effortlessly and how to build and improve all your relationship skills. Create feelings of trust and friendship with people within moments of meeting them.

Check2blackFind out how you can make people happily agree with you and welcome you.

Check2blackLearn the power of Hypnotic Language to elegantly motivate others and to get what you want and to alter the response you get with least or no resistant

Check2blackLearn the language of Persuasion, Influence and Negotiation

Check2blackUse the power of precision communication in order to motivate yourself and others. This is really powerful to understand the person and situation more precisely


What to expect from this workshop??

  • Your NLP Diploma course will run in 6 sessions each of 3 hours for 6 Days, with time in between to integrate your learning.
  • Your Trainer will cover the theory of the techniques in detail and demonstrate each one completely.
  • You will have opportunity to practice the techniques under the supervision of certified trainer
  • Learning material with accurate step by step instructions
  • A certificate of participation in the 'Prosperity In Business through NLP' workshop
  • Refreshments 
  • Expect to have fun, enjoy the training and most of all be ready for positive and productive change.
  • FREE 1 hour Personal Coaching after the program in order to discuss to integrate the learning in your life and to design the strategies of your life or business


Trainers Biography:

Mayur Bardolia 

Mayur Bardolia is a prodigious talent is One of the  most qualified in his field and highly academically recognised as a Life Success Coach, an author, motivational speaker, therapist,consultant and trainer in the  fields of hypnosis, Sales,communication,Language& Behavior Expert, personal development and human potential.

He wrote more than 90 inspirational articles and is read by more than 10,000 people every week.

Mayur gives his audiences new and easy to implement ideas to achieve excellence. He brings a refreshingly ready wit and contagious enthusiasm  that permeates all of his work and spreads to all who experience it

Mayur encourages innovation by seeking out and employing cutting edge technologies from across the world. The methodology He uses to teach is unique and everything is inspired from real life experiences so that It’s extremely easy to understand.


Dates of Event:

26th- Monday to 31st May- Saturday 2014

Time:  5:30 pm to 8:30 pm for 6 Days

Location -  Ghod-Dod Road, Surat

Remember: Only 15-20 people are allowed for strictly quality purpose and one must be eligible to qualify because it’s very special seminar, that means we are making sure that you sit and learn with people who are keen learner. Serious and appropriate inquiries only.

This is Incredible Value! we confidently guarantee that you will not get this combination of tools and techniques specifically designed to create enormous return of investment.


Investment? How much?

Regular Fee: Rs. 12,500

Limited Time Offer: Rs. 4,000 only (including learning material, refreshments + 1 hour follow up Personal Coaching   )


This workshop is designed as per International Training Standards, so the fees may not be the same again.

There is strictly no further Discount including group discount offered

Payment Mode:

Fees are accepted by Cash or cheque.

All Cheques must be payable to 'MAYUR BARDOLIA'

Alternatively, fees can be deposited at your local bank or online in following bank account

Bank: IDBI Bank

Branch Name: Sosyo Circle. Surat


Account Number: 1335 1020 0000 2233

Please mention 'Payment to Mayur Bardolia- 'Prosperity in Business' while depositing



Mayur Bardolia - 97370 46050  
Skype ID :  Mayur Bardolia


Questions? If you have any questions or would like to discuss this course in more detail please email Mayur or call Mayur.

You will speak to Mayur and get personal response or Mayur's working partner so you can be sure that you will be getting the information you need to make the right decision to book.
Copyright © Mayur Bardolia 2014 All Rights Reserved




See what else people are saying about Mayur Bardolia and his Training & Coaching Services

“Everyone should learn NLP Diploma for sure success. It’s an innovative science as well as art.” – Shalini Shah

 “If you are looking for the best return of your investment, NLP Diploma will give you the return as much as you want. Time and money wisely invested.” – Mohit Adhikari


"Forget silly old style soft skill Timepass trainings. NLP Diploma training will bring results. It’s unique!” – Nitin Shukla


“Problems are only puzzles. NLP will help you to solve complicated and hard puzzles. Go for it.” – Anjali Mittal


“Mayur, all the days he worked with his heart, explained each and every thing minutely. Which means he has helped us to feel and sense a each and every thing in this world. And he has changed our attitude to the fullest. I felt, I was in a different world with him. Now, I have to work hard on my self and make improvements. I will surely work and get improvements, so that I don’t let him down. Results should be such that he feels proud of me.”  —  Anita Dasani


“Mayur is an excellent person. He gets us to be habituated very well. As his workshop of hypnosis Mastery works very good and very beneficial for me. I would like to congratulate and thank him so much for being there anytime and very much thank him for mastering skill. I hope he will serve us whenever it is needed and guide us whenever and wherever we are lack of. Thanking so much for everything. Even now, I can/am able to confront hard situations as I can convince anyone with Hypnosis Mastery that you have excellently mastered as in int. It has increased my abilities and skills of understanding and convincing .At last, I would like to congratulate Mayur and Hardheartedly Thanking Mayur.”  —  Harsh Ghariwala



"Mayur is NOT a typical soft-skill or everyday roadside motivator like you might have come across. He is a Life coach and I guarantee as he has changed my life, the same way, he can be a change agent in your life too. Hire Him for long-lasting change. This will be the best decision you will ever take in your life.” - Niranjan Huda



“Well, It has created a big change in myself, self-confidence and my way of speaking and interacting is definitely changed. I would want to attend as possible sessions I could. I would also want to look up for personal sessions regarding my own life.”  - Trupti Lapsiwala



"On Presentation Skills-  “Everyone knows PowerPoint presentation but how  to do it in correct way, that I learn today. I will definitely improve my presentation skill after this lecture. It is a very helpful program for those who knows but not in correct way. Your teaching skill is really good." - Silky B. Shah



“Superb! First time I saw such type of coach. Awesome experience for me.” - Dipesh Shah


“Mayur is having a very good sense of humour. He knows how to get the attention of audience." - Pashmina Chevli


"Mayur is a master at weaving words for both the conscious and unconscious minds. After becoming a therapist myself, I was quite surprised to discover how many of the things Mayur had said to me and the stories he told in his live trainings were actually intentional multi-layered communications meant to influence me at an unconscious level. I attribute much of my success over the last few years to Mayur's influence. I know that many of the actions I've taken were a direct result of the conversations we've had, with much of the true communication taking place outside of my conscious awareness and planned out well in advance. He is simply the best when it comes to covert conversational hypnosis."-  Urvi Patel



"IT'S UNFAIR! Where was Mayur with his ‘NLP for Business’ Course when I was starting my business??? If I had known all this before, it would have saved me a fortune and earned me a fortune already! The course packed with unique info and material focused strictly on business practice. Always delivered much more than you could digest at one sitting! Mayur pushed me up against my limits and transformed these limitations to a vast potential. Thanks a million!"- Vinayak Ghael



“Mayur’s session was really very knowledgeable and constructive, I m so much lucky to hear his knowledge. Thanks to Mayur.” - Denal Modi



“Mayur is always enthusiastic and there are many good points in you and your coaching program which one should follow in their life.” - Nikunj Jhawar



“on Powerful Presentation Skills- It’s an experience like a roller coaster ride, where in a very short span of time, we learn many things in a variety of field like communication, presentation etc. so its a very memorable experience!” -  Rechal Sultaniya



“A totally excellent person, very high level operator and a refreshing change. Mayur walks the talk and has a high level of emotional intelligence. The best training I have ever had in my professional career.” -  Manoj Panchal

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