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Project Management Online Free Webinar: 10 Tips for Project Management Success


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Attend Simplilearn’s Free Project Management (PMP) Online Webinar on

"10 Tips for Project Management Success"

JULY 22, 2014 03:30 PM CST

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There are different approaches to project management. Get access to 10 expert tips for project management success in this one hour webinar session presented by a project management expert. Right from initial stage to closure, there are different things that need to be take care of during project management. Get 10 tips that will make this over all journey an effective one and the end result a sheer success.


Your role as a project/program manager is to put right resources to make sure that the project can be done efficiently and effectively. Resources can be money, equipment or people. You need to have data and then you negotiate with senior leaders/sponsors to give the project what it realistically needs to deliver on its objectives.

Get the information you need to make the decision, and then make it, and tell your team and other stakeholders what you decided. They might not like your decision, just be able to justify why you chose what you did. Having said that, don’t rush into a decision without all the facts or you will head the project off on the wrong path.

It might be your pet project, but if it’s over budget, late and no longer on track to deliver the business benefits, then it is time to part company and tell sponsors to close it.

There are bound to be things that you don’t know about the way the project is being delivered and how it would be done technically. Software is mysterious. Technical subject matter experts exist on a different planet. Learn as much as you need to so that the team can’t pull the wool over your eyes. Then stop. You don’t need to code and you don’t need to understand why widgets are constructed in that way. Let your experts understand the detail.

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