Progressive Youth of Vellore Struggling for Positive Change

Progressive Youth of Vellore Struggling for Positive Change


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Progressive Youth of Vellore Seminar – A call for Speakers

Hellen Keller rightly points out, “All the world is full of suffering. It is also full of overcoming”.  We don’t have the complete understanding of the depth of the suffering we are going through and what it will lead in the near future. The future of youth is riddled with intractable complexities and challenges.  The economic and political uncertainties are going to have an adverse impact on our future.  Understanding the multidimensional problems we are confronting now is imperative for deciding a better future. The more we educated about the problems, the more we can frame the right solutions. The  Seminar objectifies to uncover the totality of the subject covering economic reforms, social issues, resource scarcities and environmental changes.  The old problems with the new covering needs an innovative thinking. This innovative thinking sprouts through fresh dialogues and debates. This Seminar is taking an innovative approach in understanding the problem at the national level and offers a rigorous analysis at various dimensions. This Seminar aims to address the most important problems  and opens up the room for finding alternative, just and equitable solutions for the current and future generation. This Seminar is organized by the progressive young folks of the Vellore district which is a first-of-its-kind. The Seminar is purely a voluntary event funded by the organizing team.

 We are currently looking for visionary thinkers (age less than 32) who can speak at the Seminar on the following topics.  We expect the Speakers to have a profound knowledge and historical analysis on the preferred subject.  The audience of the Seminar is the youth of Vellore.


Social Issues

a.    Neoliberalism and current market structure

b.       Economic Growth and Well Being



a.       Social and Income Inequality

b.      Poverty and Hunger

c.       Globalization and its’ effects

d.      Millennium Development Goals

 Environmental Issues

General Topics

a.       Climate Change and its’ impacts on future

b.      Resource Scarcities and Conflicts

c.       Urbanization

d.      Environment and Health


a.       Failure of Institutions

b.      Youth unemployment and current labour market

c.       Rural and Urban Migration



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