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About The Event

I start something, but I don't finish it"
"I don't wanna begin until I'am perfect"
"I will not take action as I' am not in a good mood today"
"Let me do it later"
"I'am not gonna win anyway. So, let me not play"
"It's OK. Let me play small for now"
"I have something urgent to do. I'll do it later"

Have you heard any one or all of the phrases quoted above?
Did you say yes? Then you must be knowing where it's coming from and you must be smiling at yourself by now. Isn't it?
That's right! In the different roles we play on an everyday basis, most of us have been there at some point of time. As a father, mother, employee, entrepreneur, athlete, artist, neighbour, politician, etc.
Nothing right, nothing wrong! Nothing good, nothing bad!

As human beings, we have a mix of all the qualities. Some of them empower us and some of them pull us down. In my view, being mentally strong, consistency and perseverance are learnable skills.
If we want to, we can build it and make it our strength or leave it as it is.
Again! nothing right, nothing wrong. Just that, the results we produce in life, will be proportionate to that.
If you are tired of trying and trying to achieve your goal and you've given up, or you're just about to start from the scratch, or you wanna add more strength to your existing mental state, it's just perfectly fine. We wanna say, you are in the right place.
In this seminar, you will be learning :
- How your mind functions (nothing complex!)
- How to set goals (with a precise holistic approach)
- How to program your mind to reach your goals

You will also see some live demonstrations of how programming your mind can do wonders for you!
You'll take home some value into your life after spending this evening with us. That's my promise as a mental strength coach.
I'll also be introducing you to one of my signature programs that are designed to enhance mental strength and put you into action mode. You will have a choice to take them up or not.
It would be my pleasure to host this seminar for you and make sure your time spent is fruitful

For Your Mental Strength
Shamanth N Murthy

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