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For those who build, launch and scale world-class products.



Building great products is..well, let’s just accept  it is very difficult. Especially when it has to scale to variety of users – with the sm

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About The Event


For those who build, launch and scale world-class products.



Building great products is..well, let’s just accept  it is very difficult. Especially when it has to scale to variety of users – with the smartest of the smartphone to the basic ones.

Ixigo is one of those few consumer companies in India who have grown by the virtue of a great product. Right from the day zero, the company has stayed focused on building a great product and amazing consumer experience. 

We are glad to announce that Rajnish Kumar, ixigo cofounder and CTO will be sharing the lessons learned while buildling ixigo at NextBigWhat’s upcoming conference, ProductGeeks Conf. His topic?

 Building a great product for India at scale.


Mona Gandhi is the founding member of Growth team @ Airbnb.

Mona started as the first female engineer at Airbnb in San francisco in 2011. She built the Growth team at Airbnb, focusing on tactics from a product and tech standpoint. More recently she decided to move to India to help build Airbnb’s footprint in Asia Pacific. Previous to Airbnb, she worked at Apture, & SixApart.

Her talk topic? Well, we believe most founders and product leaders need to be there:

Your secret, most powerful retention hack is…. YOUR PRODUCT


Deepa is the Co-Founder and CEO of Pensaar, a Design Strategy and Innovation Consulting firm that uses collaborative and human centered approach of design thinking to create experiences that will be awesome, by design.

Deepa helped pioneer Design Thinking at Intuit working closely with Intuit Co-Founder, Scott Cook. One of the many projects she led, FASAL, went onto become a HBR Case study & one of their Top 10 Innovation ‘must reads’. Fasal helps farmers gain a competitive edge in the marketplace by providing them with pricing and other agricultural advisory information.

Her topic at ProductGeeks conference (she is speaking on the second day) is:

Building successful solutions your customers will love. The process of understanding customers, falling in love with the problem and not the solution.


Jonathan is co-founder and CEO of CreditMate, a digital lender providing secured loans on used Motorbikes in India. Before CreditMate, he founded a mobile tariff and signal strength comparison business based on technology and complex algorithms. BillBachao was sold to one of India’s largest business groups in 2015.

He has amazing insights and perspectives on the Indian market and his topic at ProductGeeks Conference (Day 2) would be on the lines of:

Designing for Bharat market (and why founders/product teams need to get out of their AC office).


Crazy numbers, right? Meet LOCO app, the live trivia game app which is safe to say,  India’s most viral app ever.

There are many such apps in the market right now – but Loco is definitely a winner. What did they do right? How do you go about engineering growth?

The first 100 days of a startup / new product, to a large extent defines the trajectory. How can I get it right? What all do I need to look at?

Hear it from the horse’s mouth. Loco Founder, Abhishek Madhavan will be sharing his growth journey at ProductGeeks Conf, the conference that enables you to build winning products .


Using customer development to build your SAAS business (in addition to just building the product, I intend to also talk about how customer development can be used to increase conversion, lower churn, create pricing etc.

These will be all real lessons from BrowserStack and WebEngage. No gyaan.


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