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Product Sketching is an Essential Factor in designing of any Product.
Product Sketching is a conceptual process exploring and ideating to enhance the existing or new Product to fulfill consumer needs.
By this Workshop we wo

Product Sketching Workshop


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About The Event

Product Sketching Workshop

Product Sketching is an Essential Factor in designing of any Product.

Product Sketching is a conceptual process exploring and ideating to enhance the existing or new Product to fulfill consumer needs.

By this Workshop we would like to make sure that students will enrich to their higher studies.

Product Sketching is a 5-Days Comprehensive training for students. In this 5 Days workshop will be delivering hands-on training and rendering the students to the upcoming design trends.


Workshop Objective:

The ability to sketch is one of the most valued skills among industrial designers.

A concept sketch is a simplified sketch illustrating the main aspects of a concept. Creating concept sketches that show the form and function of potential designs is an essential part of the product design process. Such sketches typically represent the product from one or more viewpoints to convey important geometric features of the object and its constituent parts. 


Workshop Curriculum: 


Lesson1: Introduction to Product Sketching

Brief Introduction on Product Sketching upcoming trends, skill sets required,

Lesson 2: Design Process

Explains the Complete Product Design Process.

Lesson 3: Applications

Explaining the Application for Product Sketching for the current and upcoming markets.

Lesson 4: Example Sketches

Example Sketches which explains the capability required to build-up.



Lesson 5: Brief of Sketching Stationeries

Understanding of the different technologies & stationaries used for product sketching.

Lesson 6: Lines & Curves

Exploring the different lines & Curves with real time practice.

Lesson 7: Material

Studying different kind of Material & its textures & other material properties.



Lesson 7: Perspective

It is imperative that a designer has an understanding of perspective theory. Theoretically understanding & implementing of the perspective Techniques.

Lesson 8: Proportions Design- In 2D & Perspective (3D)

Proportions in Product Sketching is a very important feature, describing the different explorative techniques used in Product Sketching.

Lesson 9: Simple Forms in Perspective

Relating the different forms in Product Sketching.

Lesson 10: Complex Forms in Perspective

Relating and understanding with Complex forms used in a Product.



Lesson 11: Shading / Shadows

Understanding of the concept of Shading for a Product considering the different perspective views and viewers absorption.

Lesson 12: Reflections

Understanding principal concept of maintaining the reflection in a concept Product sketching.

Lesson 13: Rounding:

Applying the Rounding techniques in a Product Sketches.



Lesson 14: Product Sketching:

Comprehensive Practice of Product Sketching



  1. We will be evaluating all given assignments on timely manner providing improving points for the students to reach from “Good to Great”.
  2. Certification will be provided for all students for their completion of 5 Days Workshop.
  3. Sketching Kit, Practice Material will be provided for students.



To Build & Upgrade it to reach Professional level of execution.

To Know the Current industry Techniques & Technology.

For an awareness on increasing trends and get upgraded.

To be prepared for tomorrow's Future.

To make a successful career growth in Industrial Designing.

To get pre-requisite in Industrial Design.

Encroachment to select Industrial Design as learning in there higher studies.



Enthusiastic Learners,

This Workshop is limited with Age Group: 11 Years to 18 Years only.



  1. This workshop is conducted especially for school children’s to upgrade or make an awareness on them.
  2. There is no prerequisite required for learning Sketching it is an internal skill which need to explore.



Conducted at Industry Academic Association, Chandralayout, Bangalore.



Workshop Starts on 17-Apr-2017 and Ends on 21-Apr-2017

Timing: 10:00am to 5:00pm


Introduction of Faculty:

Mr. Ravi.

Earlier worked for General Motors, Easi Engineering, and Currently Concept Lead at Neyaath Design & Manufacturing Services Pvt Ltd.

Having 7+ Years of Experience in Concept Development.


Mr. Sampath

Earlier worked for General Electric, General Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra.

Having 13+ Years of Experience in PLM.

Trained more than 500+ Candidates.


About IAA:

The initiation of this academy is for a cause to bridging the gap between Academy and Industry.


We work in an integrated way with different organisation and individuals leveraging our sector expertise, programs courses, facilities and diverse network of industry specific experts to deliver customized, practical, transformative training that helps an individual to meet and exceed Market Requirements.

We provide comprehensive, customized, practical learning for both the private and public sectors.


Mr. Kiran

Mob: +91 8861286286


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