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Agile PrinciplesWho is Product OwnerPO\\\'s roles and responsibilitiesProduct Owner ScalingPlanning TeamRequirement GatheringProduct Vision (Vision Box, Trade Off matrix, Prune the product tree)Product RoadmapProduct Backlog CreationBacklog Gr

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About The Event

Day 1

Agile Principles
Who is Product Owner
PO's roles and responsibilities
Product Owner Scaling
Planning Team
Requirement Gathering
Product Vision (Vision Box, Trade Off matrix, Prune the product tree)
Product Roadmap
Product Backlog Creation
Backlog Grooming

Day 2

User Stories
User Personas
Story Writing
Definition Of Done
Definition of Ready
Acceptance Criteria
Backlog Ordering (Kano model, priority poker, cost value approach, User story mapping)
Split User Stories
User Story Estimation (Panning poker, Dog sizes, T-shirt sizing)
Burndown and Burnup Charts
ROI calculation
How to write more business value driven PBIs?
Metrics for PO

Venue Map