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Dr. Albert Einstein advised wisely ”We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking, We used when We Created them! And Anthony J. D’Angelo sai

Problem Solving and Decision Making 26.07.19


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 Problem Solving & Decision Making  26.07.19 




Dr. Albert Einstein advised wisely We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking, We used when We Created them! And Anthony J. D’Angelo said “When solving problems dig at the roots, instead of hacking the leaves


Problem Solving & Decision making is aimed at Improving Efficiency & Effectiveness. Tony Robbins said “Real decision is measured by the fact that you have taken a decision .If there is no action, you have not truly decided”. Hence Work Practices need to be First Time Right & Every Time Right” Those should be Safe + Secure + of Good Quality for Serving All Living Beings including Flora! While addressing a Problem at Work: Standards for all above Inputs & Processing Parameters need to be Relevant & correct! Organized Work Methods in various Departments in Manufacturing + Ware Houses + Trading Companies + Offices should be capable of analyzing & solving the root causes & deciding the most effective solutions out of different options. If not ensured mishaps could lead “Threats to Existence” Therefore the Processor should ensure: Right Quality + Right Quantity +Right Time!

Core Concepts of “PSDM” are:

1} People put off with excuses like “1-I don’t have time / there are overlapping responsibilities / Data Base is insufficient / Support System is lacking / Starts & fizzles out!

2} To effectively tackle above excuses through Strategic Working, Choosing collective Goals, Designed Tracking System of Progress, Addresses road blocks,

3} Defines KPIs + KRAs + Implementation & Monitoring System, Attends to FAQs

4} Helps to Decide Values & Principles for Guidance to All,

5} Sets up IBEAR System: Identify + Brainstorm + Evaluate Causes & Results + Act on Decision + Review,

6} Helps to Adopt SMART Goals: Specific + Measurable + Agreed to + Realistic + Time Bound.


To help gains through “PSDM”: Immediate & Long Term Goals



  • Design Decision Making Phases: Orientation < Discussion < Decision < Implementation
  • Use Structured Problem Solving Tools & Techniques: Pareto Diagram RCA + Cause & Effect + 5 Why Analysis + Differential Diagnosis + Cost & Benefit Comparison
  • Prevent Polarization & Anticipate Risks
  • Identify Antecedent Conditions & Assessable Consequences
  • Do PSD with SoPs + Check Lists + Self Discipline
  • Identify Role of Motivation in PSDM
  • Document all Standards & Methods of PSDM
  • Understand Different Styles of D.M. 1-Reactive + 2- Goal Based +3- Utility Based +4- Rule Based +5- Logic Based


    Time: 9:30 am to 5.00 pm

    Venue: Hotel Kohinoor Continental, Andheri-Kurla Road, JB Nagar, Andheri East, Mumbai- 400059

    Rs.9,999/- for 1 participant per program
    Rs.8,999/- for 3 or more participants per program
    Rs.7,999/- for 5 or more participants per program

    plus 18% GST

    (All fees include course material, certificate of participation, lunch & refreshments)

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