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Principles of Healing and Growth Management - A Residential Camp 


A unique residential workshop by Swami Sukhabodhananda



Principles of Healing and Growth Management @ Bangalore by Swami Sukhabodhananda


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About The Event

Principles of Healing and Growth Management - A Residential Camp

A unique residential workshop by Swami Sukhabodhananda
"I have a divine leather to offer for all of you who wish to make shoes in order to dance your way to enlightenment" – Swami Sukhabodhananda


Studying the mind structures and the organizing principles of the mind, with its survival struggles and positionalities would be a fascinating experience in one’s life.

All sorts of complicated personal reactions take place in an individual, hidden within the layers of personality by memory rolls.

The geniuses of a reactive mind which is stimulus-response mechanism is under the control of layers of pain. Mind is run by complex memory layers of the past which are records of experiences containing hurt, upset, disappointment... Such “engrams” have to be edited and audited by spiritual disciplines.


The conscious re-creation of the painful incident has the effect of dimming the power of the incident to control one’s reactions… thereby freeing oneself from the incident.

Duplicating an experience is one of the principles of healing. By conscious duplication or mock ups under the vedic model is a powerful healing process.

Mind traps and its life programming stories with its unconscious content will be opened up in a space of healing. Traumatic patters unfold its hidden lessons… thus enhances one’s quality of life.

The self is beyond any individual identification either in form or process. The ability to transcend position is a healing principle. Such a space is a context in which all positionality in life occurs. You don’t have to believe in a ladder you have to climb it, such is the model in this workshop.

Internal ailing structures, patterns and problems continue to reoccur but instead of acting them out or by dramatizing them, one begins to experience them healingly and eventually to “experience them out” is an inner healing art, which is being taught.

It is one thing to be the prisoner or captive of an ordinary automatic fear reaction pattern, it is quite another thing to watch fear arise from a context in which fear pattern transcends into a space of joy.

The anatomy of an experience is explored in this workshop. The theory of chaos is transcended into an experience of cosmos.


The principles of inner growth, drawing models from Indian heritage especially Vedas, and allowing one have a “peak experience” in and through the ups and downs of life is a unique driving skill. This creative living and enhancing growth is the “context of all contexts” in which enlightenment is achieved in the already enlightened space.

The teachings would be the both structured and flexible.

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