Book Online Tickets for Presenting with Presence Platinum Editio, NewDelhi. As a prelude to MaynardLeigh\'s 25 year completion celebration, we are bringing something exclusively for Senior Leaders who-

Address Townhalls
Speak to large Gatherings
Introduce workshops
Give presentations frequently,

Presenting with Presence Platinum Edition


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About The Event

As a prelude to MaynardLeigh's 25 year completion celebration, we are bringing something exclusively for Senior Leaders who-


  1. Address Townhalls
  2. Speak to large Gatherings
  3. Introduce workshops
  4. Give presentations frequently, but want to take their impact to the next level
  5. Have attended several “Presentation Skills Programs”, but feel there is a miss.


We are calling it Presenting with Presence-Platinum Edition program happening on 21st-22nd November,2013 at Delhi, where we’ve booked a whole day in an Auditorium, for leaders to practice speaking under Spot Light to a large gathering. As we know you love exclusivity and would want personal attention, we are limiting this to Just 8 Participants!!


Our Co-founder- Steeve Gupta will be leading this workshop and the target participant is someone who is familiar with presenting and addressing groups and is now looking for the next level of development.


Learn to:

  1. Find their unique presenting style
  2. Use the 5 Ps of dynamic presentations
  3. Express themselves with confidence and conviction
  4. Prepare physically and vocally
  5. Structure creative and memorable presentations
  6. Field hostile questions


  1. More confident about presenting
  2. Better equipped to handle stage fright and nerves
  3. Excited about presenting even perhaps looking forward to it
  4. Ready to give their best

Be more able to:

  1. Make presentations count
  2. Prepare under pressure
  3. Improvise and ‘think on their feet’
  4. Extend their range of expression
  5. Communicate with passion
  6. Use their unique individual style appropriately
  7. Inspire and influence the audience


Preparation Work: Prior to the workshop, participants are asked to prepare a short (max. 3 minute) presentation. This is used as a vehicle for assessment of current strengths, personal style and development areas. The presentation is recorded and used for analysis and feedback.

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