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Predictive Analytics (Advanced) Certification - Public / Open Training
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Predictive Analytics (Advanced) Certification Training @Bangalore (Jan 2017)


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About The Event

Predictive Analytics (Advanced) Certification - Public / Open Training


eXample Consulting Group's "Strategy and Analytics" Public programs benefit professionals who wish to acquire competencies in "Strategic Thinking and Action", create and implement customer and business centric performance measurement and management programs leveraging world class frameworks namely Strategic Management, Net Promoter Score (NPS), Balanced Scorecard (BSC) and Predictive Business and Data Analytic models.


Participants with a keen interest to learn and implement predictive business data analytic models, data mining techniques and participate or manage data analytics projects and drive accelerated organizational and personal growth can enroll and benefit from this program


Course Outline




> Definition

> Types of Methods

> Business Value of Analytics

> Application Areas


Measurement and Data


> Project Objectives, Methodology and Project Phases

> Data - Scale and Types

> Sampling Methods

> Deive Statistics

> Data Visualization and Distribution


Statistical Inference

> Hypothesis Formulation

> Point and Interval Estimates and Confidence Intervals

> Sample Size calculation (Proportion and Variable)

> Testing Hypothesis (Mean and Variance - One and Two Sample)

> Independent and Dependent Sample Hypothesis tests

> Non-Parametric Hypothesis (Proportion and Median - One and Two sample)

> Testing Hypothesis (Mean and Variance - Multiple Samples)

> Testing Hypothesis (Proportion and Median - Multiple Samples)


Statistical Modeling 

> Classification - Decision Trees, Naive Bayes, k-NN, Neural Networks

>  Time Series Forecasting - Moving Average, Exponential Smoothing, ARIMA, Seasonality, Box-Jenkins models

>  Regression - Linear, Polynomial, Lograthmic, Exponential, Power, Logit models

>  Regression Hypothesis tests

>  Model Identification, Estimation and Assessment

>  K-Means Clustering

>  Association Rule mining algorithm


Feedback and Conclusion





Program Information and Instructions


Program Delivery


The program shall be conducted in an immensely practical manner through examples, illustrations, case studies, games, group work, data analysis and Q&A sessions with sharp focus on business results driven competency development. It shall also leverage eXampleCG’s standardized and world class Predictive Business Analytics tools and templates to impart structured, hand-on, practical and implementation driven competencies to the participants.


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