PraDaksh Children(s) Painting Competition - 2017

PraDaksh Children(s) Painting Competition - 2017


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About The Event

About the Competition:

The Children’s Painting Competition on the Environment is organized by PraDaksh, an organization working towards green and clean Environment. 

Theme: Conservation of Forest (Plant. Protect. Preserve.) 


Save Trees - Save Planet, Trees purify Air, Cutting Trees is Ending Human life on the Planet.

PraDaksh invites children to submit their paintings online. The paintings from children will have to reach us until 30th June 2017.  

Entry Rules, Conditions and Eligibility:

1.    Age Group: Children between the age of 6 and 14 years.

Participants will be divided into two groups: Group A: 6 till 9; Group B: 10 till 14.

2.   Size of Painting: Paintings must be done on A4 OR A3 papers.

3.   Name and Contact Details (In English Only):

Full name, age (day, month and year), gender and full address including phone and email ID, must be mentioned in the email, but not on the painting. 

4.    Materials for Painting:

Participants are free to use any type of colours, such as: Crayons, Coloured Pencil, Water Colours, etc.

5.   Type of Painting:

a.     A neat and clear soft copy (scanned copy) of paintings will be accepted, with no words or descriptions on the painting(s).

b.     Scanned copy of Paintings should be attached along with scanned copy of participant’s respective School’s Identity Card displaying the Grade he/she is in.

6.   Subject of Email:

Subject of Email should be PraDaksh - Children’s Painting Competition 2017

7.    Number of Entries:

Participants can submit as many paintings as they like. 


Awardees are divided as per the Age Groups  

Consolation prizes would be considered for candidates, who are unable to make in the above categories.

A participation certificate would be provided to each awardee. 

Important Information:

a) Copyright: Please note that by entering this Competition, you have assigned copyright of your painting(s) to the PraDaksh, the organizers of this Competition.

b) Safe possession of the painting: The painting(s) will not be returned and will be used to raise environmental awareness through exhibitions, websites, posters, publications etc.), and to raise funds to further promote environmental activities by children. 

c) Dos and Donts:

Paintings that are already displayed or accepted elsewhere will not be accepted in this competition. Paintings should not consist of a brand name, any particular person, any organization’s name. 

d) Selection of Awardee:

Awardees will be selected through a fair and impartial selection by the organizers.

e) Announcement of Awardees:

Date to announce the Awardees will be confirmed and conveyed later.

Deadline for paintings to be received from the participant(s): Paintings must reach by email to by 30th June 2017. No paintings will be considered after the deadline.

f) Deadline to deliver painting(s):

Scanned Paintings should be sent on or before 30th June 2017 deadline to the Email address mentioned below: [PraDaksh (Prakritik Dakshata)]