Practical Tips for Identifying and Managing Project Risks - Webinar By EITAGlobal

Practical Tips for Identifying and Managing Project Risks - Webinar By EITAGlobal


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About The Event

Overview: Every project, regardless of its size and complexity, has risks associated with it. Some of those risks are known as they occur on every project in the organization, others are unknown and need to be identified. As a project manager, or a member of the project team, you need to understand those risks in order to ensure a success project. Risks should be identified at the start of the project, and reviewed throughout the project. Getting buy-in from the executive level and key stakeholders on potential risks and how they will be identified and managed is essential to managing those risks effectively. Often organizations don't want to admit risks might occur, or believe that they do not need to be planned for unless they occur. 

This webinar will provide best practices for identifying risks in a team environment, capturing those risks to plan for them effectively, along with getting buy-in to effectively manage and communicate those risks throughout the project lifecycle. Participants will learn simple ways to determine potential risks to their project regardless of its complexity. 

Why should you attend: Every project, regardless of its size and complexity, has risks associated with it. Unfortunately, too often project managers and their teams begin a project without having planned for potential risks or even considered what the risks may be. They may assume risks can be handled as they occur, or just don't consider that risks will occur on their project. For some project managers, they just don't know what the risks will be and don't see the value in planning for something that is not a certainty. The ability to identify, plan for, manage and communicate risks are essential skills for any level project manager. Without these skills, being successful on the projects you manage is just not possible and the more complex the project, the more likely you will have a failed project due to unforeseen risks. 

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • The value of risk management planning
  • Engaging the team and key stakeholders in risk management planning
  • Identifying project risks
  • Prioritizing and categorizing project risks
  • Developing a plan to manage potential risks
  • Assigning responsibility for tracking and monitoring risks
  • Communicating on risks
  • Getting stakeholder commitment for support on risk management activities
  • Using lessons learned to make risk identification and management easier on future projects

Who Will Benefit:

  • Project Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Project Team Members
  • Business Analysts
  • Anyone interested in understanding how to better identify and manage project risks on any size project.


Speaker Profile: Gina Abudi

MBA has over 20 years of consulting and training/facilitation experience in helping businesses of all sizes develop and implement strategy around projects, processes and people. Gina is President of Abudi Consulting Group, LLC. She is an adjunct faculty member at Mt Washington College (NH) teaching in the business administration department and at Granite State College (NH) teaching in the project management graduate program. 

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