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Course Overview:

The PMP® certification from PMI® is widely accepted as the global benchmark to recognize proficiency

Practical PMP with Oracle Primavera P6 in Hyderabad


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About The Event


Course Overview:


The PMP® certification from PMI® is widely accepted as the global benchmark to recognize proficiency in Project Management and it is the most recognized project management certification for working professionals.

However, the PMBOK Guide, on which the PMP certification is based, is completely theoretical. In the real world, it is not only important that you are a certified PMP, but also important that you are able to apply the principles of PMP using real world project management tools such as Primavera P6.

For example:

  1. From the PMBOK Guide, one can understand Earned Value Management (EVM), but how can we obtain EVM Metrics with a Practical Tool?
  2. From the PMBOK Guide, one can understand Risk Management – Risk Categorization, SWOT Analysis, P & I value etc., but how can we take all of them and create a Risk Register with a Practical Tool?

This is where “Practical PMP with Primavera P6” can help!

Primavera P6 Professional R8.x is a highly sophisticated enterprise project management tool to manage large scale, multifaceted projects. It covers the whole spectrum of project management knowledge areas as defined in the PMBOK Guide, such as Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Human/Material Resources, Risk, Stakeholder management.

With “Practical PMP – PMBOK with Primavera P6” (or simply “Practical PMP with Primavera P6”), the practical applicability lacuna of PMBOK Guide is aptly covered by Primavera P6. In this program, we cover the 5 Process Groups, 10 Knowledge Areas, and 47 Processes of PMBOK Guide and guide you in their practical application with the help of Primavera P6.

Free Download:
We understand that Primavera P6 takes some understanding and time to install and configure. Hence, we have provided a Practical Guide on how to use Primavera P6 with PMBOK, for Time Management knowledge area. This paper has been published internationally. We have also provided a Step by Step Guide that will help you to get started with Primavera P6

1)    White Paper – PMBOK 5th Edition and Oracle Primavera P6, A Practical Step by Step Guide

  1. PMBOK 5th Edition and Oracle Primavera P6, A Practical Step by Step Guide for Time Management
  2. Link: PM World Journal, January 2015 –
  3. Alternative Link:

2)    Step by Step Guide – How to Install, Set-up & Configure Primavera P6 Professional P6 in Windows:

  1. Step by Step Guide – Oracle Primavera P6 8.3.x Installation, Setup and Configuration in Windows 7 and Windows 8
  2. Link:


Course Agenda:


Module – 1: Introduction to PMP Certification Course

    • Introduction – Practical PMP with Primavera P6 R8.x
    • Certifications offered from PMI
    • What are PMP and PMBOK Guide
    • Pre-requisites, Exam Syllabus, Exam Pattern – PMP
    • PMI Contact Details

  • Oracle Primavera P6
    • Primavera P6 Certification from Oracle
    • Pre-requisites, Exam Syllabus, Exam Pattern Oracle
    • Contact Details Primavera P6 certification program


Module – 2: Project Management Framework

    • Project, Project/Program/Portfolio Management
    • PMO, Role of PM; Assumptions and Constraints
    • Enterprise Environmental Factors, Organizational Process Assets
    • Organizational Structure, Project Vs Product Life Cycle

  • Oracle Primavera P6
    • Launching Oracle Primavera P6
    • Various Tool Bars – Menu, Project, Standard, Move, Enterprise, Reports etc.
    • Understanding EPS, Project(s) within EPS

  • Hands on Practical and Quiz Session


Module – 3: Project Management Processes

    • Project Life Cycle Overview
    • Stakeholders and Key Stakeholders
    • Process Groups, Knowledge Areas and Process Areas
    • Life Cycle Mapping with Process Groups

  • Oracle Primavera P6
    • Applicability of Oracle Primavera P6 in various Process Groups
    • Applicability of Oracle Primavera P6 in various Knowledge Areas
    • Usage and Limitations

  • Hands on Practical and Quiz Session

Module – 4: Project Integration Management

    • Role of Project Team and Sponsor
    • Project Selection Methods
    • Process Areas
      • Develop project charter
      • Develop project management plan
      • Direct and manage project work
      • Monitor and control project work
      • Perform integrated change control
      • Close project or phase
  • Oracle Primavera P6
    • Understanding XER file and Oracle Primavera P6 template
    • Creating a Project in EPS, Project Code, Manager Assignment
    • Developing a Project Management Plan in Primavera
    • Understanding Monitoring and Controlling in Oracle Primavera P6
    • Closure and archiving of Oracle Primavera P6

  • Hands on Practical and Quiz Session

Module – 5: Project Scope Management

    • Project Scope Vs Product Scope
    • Process Areas
      • Plan Scope Management
      • Collect Requirements
      • Define Scope
      • Create WBS
      • Validate Scope
      • Control Scope
  • Oracle Primavera P6
    • Using Work Packages
    • WBS Creation, WBS Code, WBS Levels
    • Viewing WBS in the Activity Layout
    • WBS Layouts – WBS, WBS Standard View, WBS Budget View
    • Work Breakdown Structure – Graphical View

  • Hands on Practical and Quiz Session


Module – 6: Project Time Management

    • Project Schedule and Time Management
    • Gantt Charts and Network Diagram
    • Estimation and Schedule Network Analysis Techniques
    • PERT, Critical Path, Schedule Compression
    • Process Areas
      • Plan Schedule Management
      • Define Activities
      • Sequence Activities
      • Estimate Activity Resources
      • Estimate Activity Durations
      • Develop Schedule
      • Control Schedule
  • Oracle Primavera P6
    • Activity Types, Codes, Duration Types, Milestone Types
    • Activity Relationships/Dependencies, Deadline, Milestones
    • Lead and Lag; Network Diagram and Analysis
    • Checking Critical Path and Critical Path Analysis
    • Schedule Compression – Fast Tracking, Crashing
    • Time, Unit and Duration – Schedule Calculation
    • Developing & Controlling by Baselining and Tracking
    • Progress Spotlight Check

  • Hands on Practical and Quiz Session


Module – 7: Project Cost Management

    • Cost Estimating Vs Cost Budgeting
    • EVM & Key Terminologies in Cost Management
    • Process Areas
      • Plan Cost Management
      • Estimate Costs
      • Determine Budget
      • Control Costs
  • Oracle Primavera P6
    • Setting Currency, Changing Currency Types
    • Various Resources (Labor, Non-Labor, Material),
    • Resource Rates, Resource Assignment, Resource Codes
    • Unit, Time, Duration and Resource – Cost Calculation
    • Earned Value Management

  • Hands on Practical and Quiz Session


Module – 8: Project Quality Management

    • Understanding Quality and Quality Management
    • Cost of Quality and Seven Tools of Quality
    • Process Areas
      • Plan Quality Management
      • Perform Quality Assurance
      • Control Quality
  • Oracle Primavera P6
    • Quality Related Cycles, Activities
    • Labor, Non-Labor, Material Resources for Quality Tasks
    • Quality Management and Control

  • Hands on Practical and Quiz Session


Module – 9: Project Human Resource Management

    • Roles and Responsibilities of Project Sponsor
    • Functional Manager Vs Project Manager
    • Process Areas
      • Plan Human Resource Management
      • Acquire Project Team
      • Develop Project Team
      • Manage Project Team
    • Conflict Management
    • Motivation Theory
  • Oracle Primavera P6 & MS Excel
    • Resource ID, Resource Role, Resource Proficiency
    • Labor Resources – in detail
    • Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS)
    • Various Calendars; Working with Resource, Project and Global Calendars
    • Resource Over-allocation and Levelling

  • Hands on Practical and Quiz Session


Module – 10: Project Communication Management

    • Communication methods, technology and channels
    • Basic communication model and mechanism
    • Process Areas
      • Plan Communication Management
      • Manage Communications
      • Control Communications
  • Oracle Primavera P6 & MS Excel
    • Oracle Primavera P6 as Project Information Management System
    • Grouping and Sorting, Filtering
    • Gantt Chart Formatting, Timescale Management
    • Various In-Built Reports – WBS, Cost, Schedule, Resource Usage, Issues etc.
    • Creating Custom Report with Report Wizard
    • HTML, Excel, MPP file Export

  • Hands on Practical and Quiz Session


Module – 11: Project Risk Management

    • Risk Management, Categorization
    • EMV Analysis, Decision Tree Analysis
    • Risk Reserve and Contingency Reserve
    • Process Areas
      • Plan Risk Management
      • Identify Risk
      • Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
      • Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
      • Plan Risk Responses
      • Control Risks
  • MS Excel & Oracle Primavera P6
    • Risk Categorization, Type, Status, Trigger, Exposure
    • Risk Impact – Probability, Schedule, Cost, Risk Score
    • Risk Type – Threat/Opportunity Analysis, Risk Owner
    • Risk Monitoring and ControlRisks associated with Project Activities

  • Hands on Practical and Quiz Session


Module – 12: Project Procurement Management

    • Understanding Contract and different types
    • Advantages and disadvantages of various contracts
    • Process Areas
      • Plan Procurement Management
      • Conduct Procurements
      • Control Procurements
      • Close Procurements
  • Oracle Primavera P6
    • Changing Task types based on Contract types
    • Impact on Schedule, Cost and Resource
    • Contract closure and Project documentation

  • Hands on Practical and Quiz Session


Module – 13: Project Stakeholder Management

    • Understanding various types of stakeholders
    • Stakeholder Register
    • Various Analytical Techniques for Stakeholder Analysis
    • Various Management and Interpersonal Skills
    • Process Areas
      • Identify Stakeholders
      • Plan Stakeholder Management
      • Manage Stakeholder Engagement
      • Control Stakeholder Engagement
  • MS Excel & Oracle Primavera P6
    • Stakeholder Register management with Primavera
    • Import/Export with Excel and Stakeholder Register Updates
    • Issue Log – Project Issues, Issue Navigator

  • Hands on Practical and Quiz Session


Module – 14: Tips and Tricks with PMP / Primavera P6 Exam Prep

    • Tips and Tricks on PMBOK
    • Preparing for PMP Exam from PMI

  • Oracle Primavera P6
    • Tips and Tricks on Oracle Primavera P6
    • Preparing for Oracle Primavera P6 Exam from Oracle


From the Course:

  • Study PMBOK® Guide's 5 Process Groups, 10 Knowledge Areas, 47 Process Areas and all ITTOs and learn how to apply them with Primavera P6
  • Gain skills needed to pass the PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification Exam
  • Learn PMBOK® Guide terms, definitions, and processes
  • Practise styles and types of questions modelled on PMP® Exam
  • Apply International Project Management Standards from PMI (the PMBOK® Guide) to real-world situations

Primavera P6:

  • Learn to apply PMBOK® Principles with Oracle Primavera P6 Professional
  • Learn to create a project in EPS, and create a work breakdown structure (WBS)
  • Learn to create activities, define relationships, analyse Network Diagram assign various labor, non-labor, material resources
  • Learn analyse critical path, forward/backward pass, resource levelling and baseline the project plan
  • Learn to track the project plan and measure variances
  • Learn to report   performances

From the Workshop:


  • 100 days access to our PMP® e-learning program
  • PMBOK® 5th Edition Handbook (Not applicable in India)
  • 35 PDUs certificate on completion of course
  • 6 Full-Length Mock Exams featuring 1200 practice questions
  • Knowledge Area Questionnaire featuring 300 questions on the 10 Knowledge Areas
  • PMP® Exam Blue print (PMP® Exam Application steps and procedure)
  • PMP® Math Formula sheet with examples
  • Exam Tips and Techniques to clear Certification
  • Quick Revision of course outline (Video)
  • 14 Hrs of High Quality full length Audio-Video in keeping with the chapters in PMBOK® 5
  • PMP® Exam Test Drive Series (Video simulation of the PMP® Exam)
  • Free Project Management Templates ready to use for your company projects. (No public distribution)
  • Hard copy of the courseware
  • Downloadable courseware e-book
  • Complete PMP® Application assistance (Assistance with PMI® Registration, PMI® Membership, & PMI® Application procedure)
  • End-to-end support via phone, mail, and chat

Primavera P6:

  • 4 days interactive, classroom based training program on PMBOK® and Primavera P6
  • 32 Hrs. training, Hands-on sessions
  • Easy-to-understand Oracle Primavera Reference Handbook combined with PMP® Preparation Material and step by step guidance on 10 Knowledge Areas
  • Sessions conducted by highly experienced and skilled trainers
  • Dedicated post training support and assistance
  • Hard copy of the courseware



Project Management Professional, PMP® is a credential offered by the Project Management Institute - PMI®, USA.

Practical PMP will be based on the PMP pattern but with equal emphasis on knowing the practical applicability of PMP with the help of Oracle Primavera P6.

Eligibility Criteria for Practical PMI-PMP:

Education Background

Project Management Experience

Project Management Education

High school diploma, associate’s degree or global equivalent

Minimum five years/60 months unique non-overlapping professional project management experience during which at least 7,500 hours were spent leading and directing project tasks. *

35 contact hours of formal education.

- OR –

Bachelor’s degree or global equivalent            

Minimum three years/36 months unique non-overlapping professional project management experience during which at least 4,500 hours were spent leading and directing project tasks*

35 contact hours of formal education.

*Leading and directing project tasks as identified in the Project Management Professional Examination Specification. Within the total hours of project management experience, experience in all five process groups is required. However, on a single project, you do not need to have experience in all five process groups.

Oracle Primavera P6 Certification

For Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM certification, there is no pre qualification needed from Oracle. As you have covered the eligibility for Practical PMP, as mentioned before, you will be automatically eligible for Primavera P6 certification from Oracle.

There are two certifications Primavera P6 at the time of this course publication: Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Essentials (Code: 1Z0-535) and Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management 8 Essentials (1Z0-567). As our course is designed with the latest Primavera P6 Professional R8.x release, we prepare you for the latter exam, i.e., for Code - 1Z0-567.

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