Powers of the Subconscious Mind - Free Seminar

Powers of the Subconscious Mind - Free Seminar


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About The Event



What makes successful people?

What is the real secret of people who achieve massive success in their life?

Is there something called luck or destiny?

Can Success be learnt?

Is there a Science of Success?

What can we do to be happy and achieve peace of mind along with Success?


Learn all this and more at this life transforming event from India’s leading Success Coach, Mr. Sunil Parekh.


Mr. Sunil Parekh, International Success Coach and Mind Power expert (also an IIT'an and Masters from Virginia Tech, USA) will take you through the detailed understanding of how the Subconscious Mind works and how one can use this enormous power which exists within everyone can be used to create massive levels of Success in one's Professional and Personal life. 


The Human Mind has been a subject of great interest since several centuries, however how much power a human being has is still a mystery. Studies show that even the most successful people on the planet are not able to use more than 10% of their total potential (Albert Einstien used only 5%). The only reason for this is that most people have no idea of this enormous potential that exists within every human being. 


This Seminar will provide an introduction to this very interesting subject and will give you an understanding of why things happen the way they happen in your life and the role of the subconsious mind in determining your destiny. 


Should you have any questions regarding this free event, please send us an email on connect@riseda.com or an sms on +91-9619393722. 


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