PowerPacked Personality : Two Day Workshop

PowerPacked Personality : Two Day Workshop


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About The Event


Power Packed Personality covers transformational aspects of Personality Enhancement. This includes public speaking, voice and speech, communication, negotiation skills, interpersonal skills, goal focus and a lot more. The learning activities covered will bring about an overall development of the individual with a focus on communication skills, higher self-esteem and morale.

Images of the Program conducted in January, 2015, Click here
Images of the Program conducted in March, 2015, Click here
Details of the forthcoming program on 18th & 19th April 2015 are as follows:


A) Communication & Public Speaking Public Speaking:
  • Developing Speeches & Presentations
  • Speech Delivery Techniques
Practical Training:
  • Developing the ability to handle difficult situations.
  • Avoiding verbosity and sticking to the issue.
  • Maintaining poise in tone and body language.
  • Recitation of Speeches from World Famous Personalities.
Motivation & Confidence building:
  • Techniques for enhancing self-esteem.
  • Ability to stay calm in the face of odds.
C) Interpersonal Skills:
  • Making Positive Assumptions.
  • Being clear with what is desired.
  • Developing Aggressive Listening Skills.
  • Right Choice of Words.
  • Networking Strategies
Handling Stage Fright:
  • Understanding nature & causes of Stage Frigh
  • Measures to prevent Stage Fright
  • Relaxation Techniques before the Speech.
Role Plays:
  • Record and playback of individual performances.
  • Individual feedback and guidance for ensuring an effective performance.
B) Voice Culture & Speaking Skills Theory content:
  • Basics of Voice - Tone, Pitch etc.
  • Importance of Breath, correct tone.
  • Types of Voice, Common Speaking defects.
  • Telephone Etiquette.
  • Poise & Body language.
Basic Voice Exercises:
  • Exercises for development of Power in voice.
  • Development of capacity & control in speech.
D) Goal Focus:
  • Career Goals.
  • Financial Goals.
  • Health Goals.
  • Family Goals.




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