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Excellence in Public Speaking & Influencing Skills empowers every individual to effectively plot a route to overcome the hurdles in order to execute the organization level strategy. Management Roles and Positions across t

Powerful Presentation Skills & Public Speaking


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About The Event

Course Overview


Excellence in Public Speaking & Influencing Skills empowers every individual to effectively plot a route to overcome the hurdles in order to execute the organization level strategy. Management Roles and Positions across the organization benefit from this competitive advantage.


Effective Presentation with Public Speaking Skills is necessary as they are the ones who constantly work towards putting the strategy into action. As competent Executives, like across at the world's most successful companies, we welcome you to step outside your organization to acquire fresh ideas and new thought processes...


This Public Speaking & Influencing Skills Development Workshop enables the Managerial as well as Non-Managerial Executives to develop an effective presentation and speaking style…Explore & Evolve from what other top enterprises around the world are doing to nurture speaking and presentation skills promoting an influencing edge!


A Brief on Public Speaking & Influencing Skills Excellence Workshop


Effective Biz Communication, Presentation Skills and Public Speaking is critical to the success of all organizations... The costs of poor speaking will manifest in low quality work output; added stress; increased stress contributing to less productivity.


Competency-based performance skills to improve presentation and speaking effectiveness added with influencing edge behaviours are based on the industry best practices!


Course Objective


This 2 Days Workshop provides participants with the competence and confidence to make right Presentations with good articulation and powerful speaking styles to exhibit vibrant behaviours to promote a competitive edge for both the individuals and the organization.


The workshop briefs participants on completing Individual and Group Oral-Verbal-Email-Snail Mail Based Biz Presentations with adequate self / peer assessment to identify appropriate improvement opportunities. The importance of interdependence effective cross feedback within the class room setup enables participants to transform their presentation and public speaking skills.


The objective of this workshop is to develop and improve the influence edge techniques and traverse to exhibit presentation and public speaking skills of participants to ensure flawless communication. This workshop nurtures development of the Right Biz Communication Skills for Managers and Non-Managerial Executives!


Who should attend?


  • General Management Team (Departmental / Functional / Technical / Project Managers)
  • Human Resources, Quality, Learning (Education & Training) Management Team
  • PMO (Project Management Office) Personnel & Corporate Program Management Team


Workshop Takeaways & Learning Outcomes:


1. Business Communication Excellence: Effective Presentation Skills


  1. Arrive Early & Get Your Room Right! – Podium, Mike, Seating, Equipments (Computer, Projector Video, Audio, etc.), Temperature…
  2. Communicate with Confidence: Introducing One Self and Preparing Audience for Persuasive Presentations
  3. Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication: Do’s & Don’ts in Dressing – Physical Positioning – Movement – Handling Microphone – Body Language – Eye Contact – Physical Contact
  4. Quickly obtain Rapport: Acknowledge – Share – Influence – Sympathize – Express your Emotions – Establish Focus on Participants’ Needs Vs Ours
  5. Business Presentations – Action Based Stories with appropriate humour
  6. Communication – Be Aware of your STAKE (Standing, Talking, Articulating & Keeping Engaged) with highlights on Roaming, Partial Focusing & Silence
  7. Visuals & Story Boards
  8. Organize Your Presentation: Agenda, Foils with Key Points and Summary
  9. Set Expectations – Transition – Walk the Talk – Conclusion – Recap with Punch/Memorable Summary Points – Wrap Up
  10. Persuasive Presentations – Positive Attitude, Personal Values, Ego Involvement, Anecdotal Narration, Credible Cases
  11. Dealing with Q&A Session – CASE (Caring for Core – Audience control – Self Control – Elicitation); Question Handling Techniques: Reverse – Redirect – Rephrase – Expose a hidden agenda – Create Context – Build a Bridge!
  12. Top 10 Mistakes of Bad Presenters: Starting with an inappropriate joke – Going too long – Using poor visual aids – Not rehearsing with visual aids – Ignoring Audience Interests – Faking – Looking at Notes against Audience – Trying to be something that you’re not – Not practicing out loud – Forgetting to check the room


2. Public Speaking & Influencing Skills – Understand Power Of Influencing & Key Components – Recognising & Becoming Responsive To Influencing Dynamics


3. Types Of Public Speaking & Influencing Skills – Techniques – Methodology – Reasoning Logic – Creating Positive Vibes – Inspiring Appeal Management 4P Framework (Position – Problem – Possibilities – Proposal)


4. Generic Public Speaking & Influencing Approach Options

  1. Autocratic, Push –works when supported by personal power
  2. Collaborative, Pull –works where no power available
  3. Logical Approach –works with logical, linear thinkers
  4. Emotional Approach –works to get others fired up about an issue
  5. Assertive Approach –works when overcoming resistance
  6. Sales Approach –works where benefits need emphasizing
  7. Bargaining Approach –works where a win-win outcome needed
  8. Walk The Talk Approach –works if you can model what is needed


5. Understand Nature Of “Power” Base & Use PIE To Your Advantage – Learning To Remain Calm, Composed & Confident During Stressful Situations


6. Influencing Styles & Application – Identifying Public Speaking & Influence Style Types – Influencing UP / DOWN / ACROSS Hierarchy – Role Of Assertiveness, Metaphors & Story Telling During Influencing – Peer & Sphere Pressure Tactics – Profiling Audience Towards Influencing With Right Set Of Communication Techniques – Build Relationships With Decision Makers


7. Master Public Speaking & Influencing Techniques – Inner Game & Affirmation By Introspection & Retrospection of Expert Beliefs Vs Self Beliefs – Develop Self Control & Promote Influence Shelf Life By Future Pacing, Counter Thinking and Bullet Proof Glass Technique – Fogging, Broken Record & Feel / Felt / Found Technique


8. Outcome Thinking & Dove Tailing For Ultimate Influencing – Use Emotional Quotient & Intelligence For Personal Influence – Approaching Public Speaking & Influencing Skills In Maslow Hierarchy Perspective – Influencing In Workplace Environment To Promote Harmony & Teamwork – Create Rapport & Use Sense Making, Matching and Leading Values Identification For Productive Influencing – Learn Influence Edge Skills To Avoid Steam Work & Promote Teamwork!


– What do the participants stand to gain?


  • Experience Hands-On and Hands-Off Management/Leadership Nuances & Styles/Behaviours
  • Evangelize to execute management strategy via change and culture perspectives
  • Gain practitioner insights to Business – People – Process – Technology Perspectives of how to lead change and manage effectively the organization’s knowledge environment for success
  • Achieve Corporate Excellence & Excel in Creativity, Innovation and Transformation During Turbulent Economic Times


Speaker Profile:


Chandrasekar (CS), Management Consultant, KM-Innovation-Biz Evangelist, MineSpree, India.


“Expert Trainer in All Facets Of Management & Leadership”


  • Ranker From Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirapalli, TamilNadu
  • Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM™) from The International KM Institute, USA
  • Business School - Comprehensive coverage of all aspects of Solution Selling @ Mercuri Goldmann International
  • Instructional Methods, Media, and Project Management Strategies Course @ TTTI, Chennai, India
  • Estimation, Costing, and Proposal Preparation Methodologies for Systems Integration Projects, ERP & `Total Quality Management' Training @ Computer Maintenance Corporation, India
  • Edward de Bono Thinking Systems®, USA Certified Professional - Corporate Practitioner of `Six Thinking Hats' Methodology
  • Edward de Bono Thinking Systems®, USA Certified Professional - Corporate Practitioner of `Lateral Thinking' Methodology
  • Ken Blanchard Companies, USA Management Training & Leadership Development Courses @ Intel Corporation


"In the Corporate India's landscape, Chandrasekar [CS] from Bharathidasan University is one among the first few `Certified Knowledge Managers' from the `International KM Institute' of USA...With 20 years of Industry experience, he is a Management Consultant – KM, Innovation & Biz Evangelist, MineSpree, India, who led the Enterprise Innovation & Knowledge Management Strategic Programs for Fidelity Investments, Intel and Virtusa Corporation across US and India --- to name a few.


His role span cuts across Technology Services, Business Services, Business Analytics & Research influencing the Learning Organization promoting the Competency - Talent - Knowledge - Innovation Continuum. He had successfully championed `Balanced Scorecard' - BSC based Strategic Corporate Change Management Initiatives involving Systems, Processes and Infrastructure to roll out Knowledge Creation, Capture, Organization, Access, Reuse and Ideation Programs."

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