How to be a powerful communicator in 30 days

How to be a powerful communicator in 30 days


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    How to be a powerful communicator

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About The Event

Dear Speakers & Leaders,


Your ability to communicate effectively with others will do more to make you successful than any other skill that you can develop.


Thoughts are powerful vibration. These vibrations become powerful and strong when you believe and practice what you communicate.

Nearly 85% of what you accomplish in your career and in your personal life will be determined by how well you can get your message across.


Once you’re able to master the skill of powerful communication, you’ll be living a life full of unlimited happiness. Imagine being able to express yourself openly and honestly to the degree in which others are influenced to do something because of what you have to say and HOW you say it.


Even if you are limited in education or experience, being able to communicate effectively with others is the most powerful success tool you could ever have.


Nearly 99% of all of the difficulties between human beings (and within organizations) are caused by breakdowns in the communication process. Either people do not say what they mean clearly enough, or other people do not receive the message as intended.


Please attend the meetup to clear some of your doubts and take decision to invest time for becoming a powerful communication.


Let's meet today evening at 5:30pm

Participation fees Rs.200/-


For location in the google map, please type 'LMA Leadership Centre'

Its behind Saradhi Studio Lane, Ameerpet opposite Maitrivanam Building


We communicate and act on the basis of our values, beliefs, thoughts and knowledge on the subject. We have differences in a team due to the above factors and if we can align those factors, the effectiveness of the organisation goes up and results into financial growth of the organisation. Once your thoughts, actions and words are aligned you become a powerful communicator

Please register to confirm your participation and to align your thoughts, actions and words to become a powerful communicator and leader


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