Power to Women Safety Awareness, Psychological Preparation against Crime, Violence and Sexual Abuse Workshop by BMC

Power to Women Safety Awareness, Psychological Preparation against Crime, Violence and Sexual Abuse Workshop by BMC


About The Event

Why do you need this?

In the past few years, Bangalore ranks 2nd in overall crime rate reported in India beating Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai & Kolkata. Rape on Indian women has increased 763%from 1972. Kidnapping has increased 543% since 1953. Our India stands at the top three countries with the highest sexualy abused children in the world. Blaming the polities, police or our legal system is not enough. Women have to stand up and get educated & prepared to deal with such evil which can destroy her dignity or extinguish her life. Maybe it would never happen to you, but do you really want to take a chance hoping it might never happen.

What is Power to Women Safety Awareness Camp?

Power to Women would prepares the participants in the following subjects:

  • How to manage fear and convert it into confidence
  • What kind of women predator is looking for a victim
  • How to be invisible to sexual predator's radar
  • Focus on prevention, avoidance and escape before or during the threat NOT on fighting it out.
  • Self-realization of your own physical power - you are ready irrespective of your size, strength or fitness level.
  • Awareness against latest crimes & Understanding a predator’s game plan and how to defeat it
  • Recognize Pre-Conflict Indicators and be Aware of Post-Conflict Dangers
  • Pre-Assault Situation Awareness & Conflict Prevention from being chosen a victim via attitude, body posture etc.
  • Survival Mindset - How to diffuse fear and bring in hidden courage
  • Stress Management - performing effectively under pressure where personal danger is very real
  • Risk reduction - Verbal Confrontational & Diffusing Exercises against Eve-teasing, Office Sexual harassment etc.
  • Risk avoidance using Preventive & Avoidance Israeli Soft Tactics against Domestic Violence, Kidnapping & Molestation / Eve-teasing and Sexual Abuse
  • Various Israeli Self Defense drills of defense against Wrist grabs, Groping, Chokes, Knife Robbery, Rape, In-Transit inside a Car Molestation etc.
  • Usage of Self Protection tool like Electric Shock Stun gun, Pocket Sticks Key Chain, Daily objects like Magazines, Water bottle & Umbrella etc

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