An interactive, participative two day soft skills training workshop covering important aspects of the personality for Executives  Professionals

Power Packed Personality Two Days Soft Skills Training


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    Power Packed Personality Two Day Training Program at The Club

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About The Event

A training program will cover all transformational aspects of Personality Enhancement. This includes public speaking, voice and speech, communication, negotiation skills, interpersonal skills, goal focus and a lot more. The learning activities covered will bring about an overall development of the individual with a focus on communication skills, higher self-esteem and morale.

The proposed programme will focus to maximize learning and development through interaction and participation. Counseling & Guidance to each participant on areas of individual improvement will be part of the training.

Training Methodolog:
•    Developing ability to handle difficult situations.
•    Avoiding verbosity and sticking to the issue.
•    Maintaining poise in tone and body language.
•    Recitation of World Famous Speeches.
•    Motivation & Confidence building:
•    Techniques for enhancing self-esteem.
•    Ability to stay calm in the face of odds.

Activities & Role Plays:
•    Recording & playback of individuals’ performances.
•    Feedback for improving performance.


A) Communication & Public Speaking
Public Speaking:
•    Developing Speeches & Presentations
•    Speech Delivery Techniques
Handling Stage Fright:
•    Understanding nature & causes of Stage Fright
•    Measures to prevent Stage Fright
•    Relaxation Techniques before the Speech.
Practical Training:
•    Developing the ability to handle difficult situations.
•    Avoiding verbosity and sticking to the issue
•    Maintaining poise in tone and body language.
•    Recitation of Speeches from World Famous Personalities
Role Plays:
•    Record and playback of individual performances
•    Individual feedback and guidance for ensuring an effective performance.
Motivation & Confidence building:
•    Techniques for enhancing self-esteem.
•    Ability to stay calm in the face of odds.

B) Voice Culture & Speaking Skills
Theory content:
•    Basics of Voice - Tone, Pitch etc.
•    Importance of Breath, correct tone
•    Types of Voice, Common Speaking defects
•    Telephone Etiquette
•    Poise & Body language

Exercises for Clarity in communication:
•    Pronunciation Techniques
•    Accent Neutalization techniques
Basic Voice Exercises:
•    Exercises for development of Power in voice.
•    Development of capacity & control in speech.
Advanced Voice Exercises:
•    Development of voice modulation.
•    Practice pieces from famous plays.

C) Negotiation Skills:
•    Understanding the negotiation process
•    Collecting all the facts data require to be refer to during negotiation
•    Different negotiation stages
•    How to negotiate with a team.
•    Negotiation, negotiation methods, ploys and tactics.

D) Interpersonal Skills:
•    Making Positive Assumptions
•    Being clear with what is desired
•    Developing Aggressive Listening Skills
•    Right Choice of Words
•    Networking Strategies

E) Goal Focus:
•    Career Goals
•    Financial Goals
•    Health Goals
•    Family Goals

How will workshop on PowerPacked Personality help you?

1. Overcome stage fright!
Stage fright is the biggest enemy of an individual's self-esteem. Stage fright makes you uncomfortable during your most important occasions. You lose opportunities!
PowerPacked Personality will help you overcome stage fright!

2. Become a powerful speaker!
 Voice Culture module which comprises a part of the training enables you to adopt a path of improvement of quality of voice, teach techniques of modulation.
PowerPacked Personality will enable you to

3. Influence people!
People are influenced by what you speak and how you speak. The workshop includes exercises and techniques that will enhance your convincing abilities.
The Workshop will put Power in your Personality People will not only listen but also be highly influenced by what you say.  

4. Achieve your Money Goals!
Modules on ‘Setting your Goals’ and on ‘Time Management’ will empower you to work in a more focused and productive manner. With help from peers and team, you will become more productive and follow your money goals. Undoubtedly ‘PowerPacked Personality’ will help you.

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