Power of Your Mind for Teenagers 13 to 19 Years-6th and 7th May

Power of Your Mind for Teenagers 13 to 19 Years-6th and 7th May


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About The Event

Power of Your Mind for Teenagers 13 to 19 Years

A unique empowering workshop for teenagers. Did you know that you normally use only 10% of your mind? What about the other 90%? Confidence, academic performance, interpersonal relationships, career choices... everything can hinge on the state of your mind. The mind can be a powerful ally when it operates without inhibitions, and at its full potential. Learn to develop and tap into the phenomenal power of your mind. Be the director of your life rather than life directing you.

Trainer'ss Profile:

Omana Hirantara

Omana is an entrepreneur, mother, teacher, and manager and passionate about learning and teaching. She has a science degree, nine years of experience as a teacher in NIIT and nine more years of invaluable experience in dealing with children in Kaleidoscope. Omana gets three excellent ideas every half an hour and implements many of them! She conceptualizes ideas and learning resources that are often several years ahead of their time. She also loves cooking and organizing. She co-founded Kaleidoscope and continues to be the prime force behind it.


Do you know how powerful your mind is?

Would you like to

  • Be the director of your life rather than life directing you?
  • Be a very self-confident young adult?
  • Play the game of life with a resourceful state of mind?
  • Create a positive association with success?
  • Change from working HARD to working SMART?
  • Create time to do all the things you wish to do?
  • Establish a positive self-image and self-respect?
  • Create a healthy relationship with your body?
  • Let go of pain and bad feelings of past uncomfortable experiences?
  • Foster strong relationships with family, friends and teachers?
  • Enjoy an abundance of love and support from all your associations?


In this 2-days workshop, you will learn how to

  • Use the power of your COMPLETE mind,conscious and unconscious.
  • Accomplish goals, desires & dreams easily and elegantly.
  • Speak the language of your unconscious mind and get its total support.
  • Manage stress & achieve perfect health.
  • Be balanced and values driven to reach peak performance levels.
  • Create fast, effective changes in multiple areas- academic, physical, mental, emotional.
  • Overcome limiting beliefs, behaviours & internal conflicts.
  • Move from negative to positive emotional states naturally and quickly.

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