Power of Full Engagement

Power of Full Engagement


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About The Event

Power of Full Engagement 
Manage Energy, Not Time


To be effective and be at peak performance, being Calm, Happy and Energized are three essential traits of leaders. It is not only about brain power but is also the energy at physical, emotional and psychological levels, that determines our ability to give peak
performance in the dynamic and everchanging world we are in.

High Level Description

Managing energy, not time is the key to enduring high performance as well as the key to health, happiness and life balance. The quantity and quality of energy is not fixed and this idea has the power to change the way you view your professional and personal life. Full engagement requires drawing on four separate but related dimensions of energy: Physical; Emotional; Mental and Spiritual.
Because energy capacity diminishes with both overuse and underuse, we must learn to balance energy expenditure with intermittent energy renewal. We need to build positive energy rituals– highly specific routines for managing energy as these hold the key to full engagement and sustained high performance.

Learning Outcome

Participants at the end of the training program will be able to:
- Understand Energy vs Time
Management, which is more important and why
- Internalize the concept of energy
- Differentiate between the 4 dimensions of Energy
- Learn the need for Energy Renewal
- Gain practical, simple yet powerful techniques for mind relaxation
- Learn Power of Rituals and Neuroscience of Habit formation

Learning Methodology

The workshop provides experiential learning
though effective use of storytelling, role plays,
videos etc. to make them high on impact & learn
while having fun. Along with high impact, they are
also high on energy which appeals to the
emotions, inspires and transforms.

About Inroads
Inroads equips organizations to achieve great
performance and meaningful growth on critical
leadership skills, supported by high-energy
workshops, coaching and consulting.

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