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About The Event

 We all are distracted to a great extent that nothing seems to be happening in our personal & professional front each day. We blame the technology (TV, Computer & Cell) for the distraction.

In order to understand The Power of Concentration & implement it fully at work and at home, we need to understand our mind. We keep telling our subordinate / Child to concentrate on their job / studies but when they ask you as to how to concentrate you seem to have no answer.

We seem to practice distraction each day & that is the reason we are an expert in distraction. Our mind is like a computer & if we understand our mind / control our mind / direct our mind great things can happen to us in our personal and professional field. When you bring our awareness (the glow of light) to the specific parts of our mind (say frustration / anger / love / food / jealousy / art / culture / management) for an extended period of time, we are in the concentration mode.

How do we keep this awareness on one area of our mind for an extended time frame. We have the answer.    

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