Book Online Tickets for Power Generation and Communication, Chennai. Recently the concern on power  generation  is  growing  rapidly,  as  power consumption increasingly becomes a global  problem. Green  Power  Conferences  are  dedicated  to  bring rese

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Recently the concern on power  generation  is  growing  rapidly,  as  power consumption increasingly becomes a global  problem. Green  Power  Conferences  are  dedicated  to  bring research and development in academia, industry and in government agencies. Green Power seeks to solve the urban waste problem by utilising local technologies to generate power.


The objective of the  conference on “Green  technologies  in  power  generation & Communication-2014” is to promote  an  intense  dialogue  between  academia  and industry and to bridge the gap between academic research and industry initiatives in the field of power generation for sustainable energy.

The   conference   envisages  a discussion  on  low  power  algorithms  in  electronics  and communication engineering th communication engineering through keynote speeches, invited talks and industry exhibits, where academia  is  exposed to  interoperability  of  diversified  fields of engineering.


Different vertical industries  in  power  generation,  health  care,  automotives,  robotics  &  sensors,  mobile communications and Ad-hoc networks would be exposed to power awareness in their respective fields.  This  would  also  be  an  opportunity  for  the  industry  to  communicate with academia.

Papers are invited but not limited to the following topics:

Green Power Generation:


 Green power can be define as energy  form  indefinitely  available  resources  and  whose generation has ze  generation has zero or neglible environmental impacts, whether through reduced emissionsor  minimal  environmental  disruption.  In  addition  to  being  sustainable,  green  power contributes to clean air and water. This conference  is  aimed  at  research  academics  and practising engineers of electrical,  electronics  and  industrial  communites  to  present  their findings related to green power.

1. Geothermal energy

2. Hydraulic energy

3. Hydrogen energy

4. Solar energy

5. Wind energy

6. Soft computing for power reduction in networks

7. Alternative and hybrid energy systems  7. Alternative and hybrid energy systems

8. Electromagnetic compatibility and mitigation of electromagnetic interferences

9. Electricity Production, Distribution and Power Quality

10. Environmentally friendly energy technologies

11. Fossil Fuels Green power production and cogeneration

12. Advanced metering infrastructure and smart meter technologies

13. Smart grid system and architecture

14. Mic 14. Micro and macro grids

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