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power bi training
Module I: PowerBI Config Settings, Basic Usage

Introduction to Power BI
Introduction to Excel
Relationship between Excel &

Power BI Training


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For more details contact us at +91-720-720-9005 ( Whats app ) or


power bi training


Module I: PowerBI Config Settings, Basic Usage


  1. Introduction to Power BI
  2. Introduction to Excel
  3. Relationship between Excel &Power BI
  4. Understanding  Excel BI add
  5. Why power BI
  6. Downloading and installing Power BI.
  7. Power BI Desktop &Power BI Services.
  8. Building blocks of Power BI
  9. Different external data source
  10. Fetching data from different files
  11. Working with import and direct query
  12. Creating custom table in the Power BI
  13. Merge Queries and Append Queries
  14. Remove columns and split columns
  15. Choosing required columns in the data
  16. Working with different transformations
  17. Applied steps in query editor
  18. Working with hierarchies and measures
  19. Working with Pivot &Unpivot columns
  20. Creating index and custom columns
  21. Group By functionality in Query Editor
  22. Creating and Working with groups
  23. Managing the null values and errors
  24. Managing data types in Query editor
  25. Working with dynamic parameters.
  26. Dynamic parameters to filter
  27. Working with DAX Functions
  28. Calculated Measures by using DAX
  29. Parameters with DAX
  30. Dynamic Report Filters, Expressions

Query Editor

Groups, Pivots, Filters

DAX functions with Power BI

Module II: Data Visualizations, Deployments

Power BI Desktop

  1. Connecting to Data sources
  2. Working with different visualizations
  3. Importing custom visualizations
  4. Working with table and matrix visuals
  5. Working with different level of filters
  6. Data Visualizations with Power BI
  7. Single row & multi row cards
  8. Defining relationships between tables
  9. Creating a custom table with range
  10. Publishing a report to Power BI Services
  11. Working with Power BI Views
  12. Working with Data Hierarchies
  13. In-built slicers and custom slicers
  14. Working with reference lines
  15. Working with Power pivot data model
  16. Working with data modeling
  17. Developing KPIs and Measures
  18. Data from multiple Data Sources
  19. Reports from various data sets
  20. Dashboards from multiple reports
  21. Working with MY WORK SPACE group
  22. Creating Groups & Working
  23. Managing Gateways & Content Packs
  24. Adding tiles to the Dash Boards
  25. Adding YouTube videos to dashboards
  26. Adding images to the dashboards
  27. Working with all visualizations
  28. Using natural language Q&A to data
  29. Reading & Editing Power BI Views
  30. Managing report in Power BI Services
  31. Scheduling refresh to the Datasets
  32. Share dashboards to Client

Power BI Views & KPIs

Power BI Services

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