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About The Event

 Can learning Maths & Science be interesting and enjoyable? Yes!!

Instead of just teaching from textbooks, if we instead tap into a child's natural curiosity for things around him, to introduce concepts of science and maths, then learning suddenly starts making sense and becomes interesting.

Join us at "Polymath Science Fest" on Sunday, 11th Feb, to fall in love with Science and Maths. Sample list of activities:
Rainbow Razmatazz - Magic of lights and colour in the "Madscience Lab".
Dig a Dinosaur - Excavate to find the unknown; make your own dino egg.
Science Show - Amalgamation of crazy science experiments explaining states of matter & power of gases.
Science Museum - Science models explaining concepts ranging from static electricity to fundamentals of astronomy, from tiniest atoms to physics of giant roller-coasters.
Bubble Arium - Discover the magic of surface tension by making giant bubbles; fitting one bubble inside another.
Jodo Gyan Maths Corner - Experience Maths come alive!! 

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