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About The Event

 A two-day workshop on "Polarity therapy" by expert J.Sahaya invites you to explore this possibility in healing and therapy. If you're looking for balance like many others. Read on!

What is it about?
Polarity therapy is a natural health care system, developed in the 1940s by Austrian Dr Randolph Stone. It deals comprehensively with the human energy field, its source of consciousness and its physical expression. It is a Holistic Healing system using principles of 5-elements; it is about the triune function of energy – positive, negative and neutral. Polarity Therapy restores the balance. The substance – energy - consciousness is made up of the gradation of 5 distinct elements Earth/solidity, Water/fluidity, Fire/action, Air/movement & Ether/space which contains them all. 

The polarity process is about balancing the elements in the body at all planes – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Polarity is about the triune function of energy – positive, negative and neutral. Polarity manifests in a balanced way in our bodies & in the world as density or tamas, intensity or rajas, luminosity or sattva.

The polarity process incorporates:
Study of Zodiacs
Therapeutic Bodywork
Creative Body movement
Breath Work 

• Restored Mental health
• General Well-being
• Helps us to become clearer, focused & energized
• Helps us to understand the purpose of each element & their combinations so that we can understand what moves us & the universe.

Who is it by?
Sahaya Jeevan the Founder and Therapist at "Jeevan Sahaya".
Jeevan Sahaya is a Healing Studio deriving its innovative techniques from its clients & she extensively works with women & trauma victims.

Who is it for?
For everyone who wants to explore wholeness.
Especially helpful for people with:
• Psycho-Somatic Body Pains
• Emotional Imbalances
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Sleep disorder

When is it?
16th December 2017 - 17th December 2017

Where is it?
Vision Rainbow, Red Hills, Hyderabad

How can you register?
Connect with us on:
Call: 9248024562
Whatsapp: 9246805664

For all the curious ones who wish to know more - Check out this video!

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