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Application of “Poka Yoke”
On “Process Control & Standardization”
Learning by Doing Training Workshop

Poke Yoke - From Possibility To Reliability - 17.07.19


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 Poke Yoke - From Possibility To Reliability - 17.07.19 


Application of “Poka Yoke”

On “Process Control & Standardization”

Learning by Doing Training Workshop




Manufacturing Establishments or Office Process Companies or Sales Process Companies adopt the “Poka Yoke System” to Prevent Deviations in Processes & Adopt Standardizations!


“Not Knowing the Problem; Is the Problem”- Taiichi Ohno, Founder of Toyota Production System said this.

Core Concepts of Poka Yoke are:

1} “Avoiding Inadvertent Errors”: said Shigeo Shingo-Expert on Toyota Processes

2} It is the Use of Process or Design Features to Prevent Negative Impacts of Errors.

3} It should be: Inexpensive, Very Effective, Based on Simplicity & Ingenuity,

4} It will obviate the need for any other Responses to Error,

5} It focuses on: Task > Treatment > Tangibles,

6} It’s Actionable Key Steps will be: Select > Contain > Correct > Prevent.


Some Significant Benefits achieved by Poka Yoke are: AT&T Power Systems reduced Outgoing Defects by 70%, TRW Defect Rates Outgoing to Customers reduced from 288 to 2, Federal Mogul achieved Productivity Rise by 60%. Several Other Cos. Achieved: Increased Financial Success + Productivity Improvement + Incremental Profits + Sustained Growth.



  • Eliminate Process Deviation
  • Reduce: Defects in Production by Correcting before Next Operation
  • Drawing attention to Human Error
  • Prepare & Define for All : Roles + Responsibilities + Tasks + Check Lists
  • Improve & Implement Performance through: Poka Yoke Technique
  • Set Out Accountability for Each Processor for Enhanced Attentiveness
  • Process Knowledge is Converted into Performing with Transparency
  • Develop Design For Manufacturing(DFM) into Design For X (DFX) meaning Set up Guidelines for Addressing Particular Issues which could Characteristics of a Product
  • Set Up Pattern for: Improve + Control + Sustain

    05.07.19 - Kaizen - Making Small Changes For Big Results

    11.07.19 - Value Stream Mapping

    12.07.19 - Leadership Skills

    16.07.19 - Win-Win Negotiations

    17.07.19 - Poke Yoke - From Possibility To Reliability

    18.07.19 - Successful Selling Skills

    19.07.19 - Effective Presentation Skills

    23.07.19 - In Pursuit Of Excellence – Unleashing The Potential In You & Your Organization™

    24.07.19 - Team Building & Inter Personal Skills

    25.07.19 - Lean Management - From Expenses To Earnings

    26.07.19 - Problem Solving & Decision Making

    01.08.19 - 6 S At Work

    02.08.19 - Excellence In Customer Care

    06.08.19 - Mastering Time Management

    07.08.19 - Effective Communication Skills 

    08.08.19 - Achieving Excellence Thru Stress Management™

    09.08.19 - Total Quality Management

    Time: 9:30 am to 5.00 pm

    Venue: Hotel Kohinoor Continental, Andheri-Kurla Road, JB Nagar, Andheri East, Mumbai- 400059

    Rs.9,999/- for 1 participant per program
    Rs.8,999/- for 3 or more participants per program
    Rs.7,999/- for 5 or more participants per program

    plus 18% GST

    (All fees include course material, certificate of participation, lunch & refreshments)

    Kindly mail me your nominations for these important & useful programs.

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