Book Online Tickets for Start Your Own Podcast from Scratch - Wi, New Delhi.  Ultimate step-by-step guide to launching your own Podcast.  
In this Workshop, you will learn everything you need to know between your podcast Idea and Episode number 1 of your very own podcast. And your podcast can help you boost you

Start Your Own Podcast from Scratch - With Bijay Gautam


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About The Event

 Ultimate step-by-step guide to launching your own Podcast.  

In this Workshop, you will learn everything you need to know between your podcast Idea and Episode number 1 of your very own podcast. And your podcast can help you boost your authority, build your personal-brand and opportunity to build business around it.  


  • What you need to get started with podcasting?
  • Why podcast is powerful and How it can help you in growing your business?
  • Defining your show format, album art and name of your own podcast.
  • What equipment and software will you need to start your podcast?
  • Getting best quality sound on tight budget.
  • Understanding the recording, editing, tagging, uploading, publishing and distributing your show
  •  Launching strategy for your show- Dos and Don'ts
  • 5 Ways to monetize your podcast
  • Templates that I use to invite successful guests on my show.

What else? Any Bonus?

1.  Free detailed checklist (hard copy) with everything you will need to start your show-        Worth 500/-

2. Free Tutorial Videos for the entire editing and publishing workflow-                                   Worth 4500/-

3. 1 hour call with me to get your questions answered-                                                          Worth 5000/-

4. My templates and tips on finding guests, managing episodes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Total Freebies worth 10,000/-  

If you are planning to start your own podcast and don't know where to start this workshop is all you need. Here is everything you need to know about the event:  

What is a Podcast?

 Podcast is any digital (Audio or video) content (talk, interviews, conversation) uploaded on internet as an episodes for people to download on their device or listen online anytime anywhere.

 Whats the beauty?

 The beauty of podcast is you can listen to this while you are driving, cooking, cleaning, or any in between spaces such as waiting for metro, bus or friend or standing on line or jogging. almost anytime. even sitting on pot. :D 

Apple reported reaching 1 billion podcast subscribers on its platform iTunes in 2013. Audio is hot right now with many content creators jumping in to get early starter benefit since it is still in its nascent stage. At least in India.

  What is podcasting? 

 Creating and publishing your own show is called Podcasting and creator is called Podcaster. Just like Authoring and Author. :)

  What is this workshop about? 

 This workshop is all about helping you create your own podcast. Its about helping you take your message to world using podcast as platform. You will learn everything that comes in between your podcasting idea to first ever episode of your podcast.

  Tell me some more.

  Well, as you must know audio content is exploding right now with many influencers and celebrities in US and Europe starting their own podcast to grow their business while adding value to their customers. They have understood where podcasting industry is headed and how can they leverage this media to maximize their reach. But in India it is not yet a huge thing. Thats why there is this early starter benefit waiting for you.

  Do you know? The early adopters of YouTube are reaping benefit today. There are very few podcasts in India but the listener base is increasing every single day. These audience is looking for content to consume and you could be one who is going to serve them with your podcast.

 Who is this Workshop for?

 If you have a message that you want to share with world and want to start your own podcast then this is for you. After all you will be learning how to start your own podcast in this workshop.

 Okay, Do I need any technical knowledge?

 Nope. If you can open a computer and use MS Word, you are eligible. As simple as that.

  What do I need to carry?

  Carry a notebook. We might run out of stationary supply as you will be taking lot of notes. :D 

  What about trainer?

  Bijay Gautam is Founder and Host of The Inspiring Talk Podcast where he interviews today's most successful and inspiring personalities every week. His podcast could be listened at

He has been teaching people about podcasting through webinars, workshops and one-to-one coaching. He has helped organizations like International Trainers Federation (ITF) and many individuals to launch their own podcast through his podcast coaching programs. He believes podcast is going to be next big thing in a couple of years in India just the way it is in US and Europe right now. Those realizing this potential of voice in future are for sure going to reap benefits in near future.


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