#PNMeetup: The Zen of building winning products – a view from the trenches

#PNMeetup: The Zen of building winning products – a view from the trenches


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About The Event

Product management space is a graveyard of failed products. It is said 80% product ventures fail. Even leading innovators like Apple, Google and Facebook have a string of failures behind a handful of successes. So, what makes a product or service succeed in the market? Are you geared for success? Success to a great extent depends on hitting that sweet spot at the intersection of customer delight, technical feasibility and business potential. Product managers must spot future trends, identify opportunities, convert them into business plans and create profitable future ready products. They also must contend with the zillions of moving parts in the economic, social and technological environment around them.


This workshop covers the process, tools and mind-sets that help you make good decisions through the product life cycle - from creating a vision statement to garnering profitable customer base. Some of the focus areas for this one day workshop are as follows:   

1.          Product manager role and product management framework

2.          Product planning – Identifying great ideas. Evaluating ideas for business potential. Crafting value propositions. Market segmentation. Personas and scenarios

3.          Product strategy – elements of strategy – pricing, positioning, road mapping. Platform, open source and cloud strategies.

Hear a seasoned product professional’s philosophy, wisdom, and anecdotes on how to be a success story. Hear how to ship winning products, deal with other functions in the organization, have fun, and be yourself, and a have a great career as a product manager all at the same time.


This workshop is led by Arun Saxena, active contributor to ProductNation. Arun is presently chief mentor at Insights and Directions, a coaching and consulting firm based at Hyderabad. He is a TiE member and spends lots of time coaching & mentoring start-ups. Arun is also an early stage investor. He teaches and consults in the area of product planning and strategy, product innovation and design, business and process agility, IT strategy, and soft-skills. 


Prior to this, Arun headed the program management excellence practice at Microsoft India. His job involved keeping product development teams at the leading edge of engineering practices for designing winning software products. In the role he consulted with office, Windows, Bing, Windows Phone, XBOX and several other teams. His initiatives resulted in high single digit efficiency improvements and perceptible improvement in user experience of several products. 


Before joining Microsoft, Arun was CEO of Ashtech Systems a leading software product and IT services company. Starting from scratch, he grew the company to $30 million revenue in the year 2000 with presence in India, Middle East, Europe and USA. The company developed software components and stacks for leading software vendors. 


Before his entrepreneurial career at Ashtech, Arun worked for eight years as a systems engineer at Tata Burroughs Ltd. (TBL), a Tata group company. At TBL, he worked globally, developing information systems for global corporations in the area of manufacturing, finance and public utilities. 


Over the years, Arun has taught strategy and IT at leading B-schools and designed IT and eCommerce programs at undergraduate, graduate and executive education levels. 


He is currently pursuing a PhD in knowledge management and working on a book on customer-focused design.

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