Pluto Summer Camp - Build your drone

Pluto Summer Camp - Build your drone


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About The Event

This summer learn something exciting. Build and fly your first drone with us. In this 5 days summer camp kids will learn concepts of Aerodynamics and will understand how things fly. We also teach them important concepts of physics like forces, momentum, stability etc. This 5-day summer camp will enable them to appreciate technology and engineering behind flying objects.

Apart from Physics we also touch some crucial concepts of electronics like sensors, motors and batteries. We make sure that kids enjoy while they learn all these important concepts. So it is going to be a fun filled 5-days with lots of learning for young minds.

Have a look at the details of day wise activities :

Day 1 : 

  1. History of Flight -
  2. What are flying vehicles and how things fly? - Fun filled activities and games
  3. Mechanics of aerial systems - Animations & Simulations

Day 2 : 

  1. Stable systems vs unstable systems - Demonstrations
    Aeroplanes: Why is Aeroplane stable, Is man a stable / unstable systems?
    Helicopter - How helicopter maneuver
  2. Multirotors: Types and applications

Day 3 : 

  1. Sensors for stability - Demonstrations for working of every sensor present in pluto.
  2. Building and Painting Frame

Day 4 : 

  1. Propellers: How does a fan / propeller work -
  2. Motor: Brushed / Brushless / Servo Motor, Parameters of Motor
    - Kids will build their first motor during the session.
  3. Battery: Types of batteries, Why LiPo / Parameters of LiPo
  4. Add PCB + Motor to frame

Day 5 : 

  1. Flying instructions
  2. Flying Practice
  3. Competition
  4. Félicitation

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