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About The Event

One day workshop to familiarize the participants with drones, teach them basics and intricacies of a quadrotor, enable them to build a palm sized quadrotor themselves and experience the pleasure of flying self­built drone.

What it is about?

Quadrotor (Quad) is a rotor­craft lifted and propelled by four rotors. The one you saw Aamir Khan flying in 3-Idiots.

What will students learn from workshop?

● Principles of operation of multi­rotors

● Hands-­on experience with building aerial vehicles

● Flying self­built UAVs

● Trouble­shooting

Age: 10 and above years

Things to carry : Smartphone/Tablet with app “Pluto Controller” installed

Course Activities :

  1. Mechanics of flying vehicles
  2. Stable systems vs unstable systems
  3. How does propeller work: Change thrust by speed/ angles, Types of aerial vehicles
  4. Aeroplanes: Why is Aeroplane stable, Is man a stable / unstable systems?
  5. Multirotors: Types and Functions of sensors and computers, Quadrotors, Bicopters,
  6. Helicopter - How helicopter maneuver
  7. Hardware of Quadcopter
  8. Motor: Brushed / Brushless / Servo Motor, Parameters of Motor, PWM
  9. Propellers: How does a fan / propeller works
  10. Sensors for stability
  11. Battery: Types of batteries, Why LiPo / Parameters of LiPo
  12. Building a nano drone Pluto
  13. Flying Pluto with Smartphone.

Cost Includes : The necessary Pluto kit using which participant will build a drone Pluto. Participants have to return the kit back at the end of the workshop.

Cost excludes : If you want to take the Pluto which you have built home, you need to pay Additional Rs. 5000. We won’t provide Lunch.

USPs of Pluto:

- Kit to build drones from scratch

- Platform with an Open Source Firmware Code

- Smartphone controlled - All data on App

- Inexpensive available spares

- Potential students ranging from school kids to college students to working professionals in technology domain

- Cost effectively possible to have one student working on a single drone instead of multiple students on a single drone

Please read the FAQs before booking.


Who will be mentoring ?

Workshop will be conducted by experienced trainers of Drona Aviation.

IS it necessary to carry a smartphone?

Yes,Pluto is a smartphone controlled nano drone, without smartphone you won’t be able to fly your Pluto.

Does it include Lunch?


What is the age-group?

Age 10 years and above

What prior knowledge is required

Nothing, Just enthusiasm to fly and know how things work.

Any discounts that can be given to the participants if they want to take back the drone that they work on?

In Rs. 5,000 , you will get drone on which you have built. MRP of Pluto is Rs. 6500


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