Play: Woody Allen\'s - GOD - At American Center

Play: Woody Allen\'s - GOD - At American Center


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Presented by Atelier, a Delhi-based premier theater group, Woody Allen’s 1975 comedy play “GOD” is directed by Lalima Chhabra and Abhishek Kumar and designed by Kuljeet Singh. Set in an empty Greek amphitheater, this mad “play-within-a-play” flits chaotically back and forth between ancient and modern times as the line between reality and fiction is playfully tread.

Writer Hepatitis and actor Diabetes struggle helplessly to find an ending for their play, as they waltz catastrophically with the omnipotent. Peppered with metaphysical and philosophical questions, the play skids along until the actor and the writer reach the climax having found no answer to the ultimate question -whether there is a God! However as the play comes full circle, the audience, along with the characters in the play, reach the same, ultimate, conclusion: there’s no end, nor beginning. Well, not in the least in an absurd play! And as far as GOD is concerned, well, who knows?

Free entry, open to all. Seating is on first come, first served basis.

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