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About The Event

Soap Football is an exciting sport designed for people of all ages with zero experience about soccer. One complete hour of mad fun, guaranteed to reduce the most serious of football players to giggles. This activity is a great stress buster and is absolutely hilariously fun to play. The game involves a lot of balance and team work, so get your peers with you to make the fun double.

No prior experience required. In fact, the less you know, the more fun it is. PLUS, munch on some snacks after the match :)

Your mission:
Your mission is to slip, kick and score! No subs, no yellow cards, no rules at all. Just a bunch of you and your buddies on a soapy water field trying to score a goal, while falling every time. 

Join us for a chill evening of playing football on a SPONGY, SLIPPERY-SLIDEY (yet totally safe) surface. 

1. Pre-match Water Games 
2. Soap Football Match
3. Food & Munchies
4. Lots of fun, slipping & soaking

When: Sat, 10th March @ 4:30 PM
Where: Soap Football Ground, Sarjapur Road
Price: Rs. 249/- per person

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