Play Checkmate At Epicentre

Play Checkmate At Epicentre


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Checkmate...!!! (120 min/Hindi)

Dir. Pankaj Singh Writ. Sameer Garud Prod. A StagePlayers Theatre

Based on Anthony Shauffer’s Tony Award winning play ‘SLEUTH’.

About The Play: An affair, a conversation, Drinks, Deal, Plan, Robbery and a Murder....Its Murder mystery Based on Anthony Shaffer’s Tony Award winning English Play ‘Sleuth’ Successful writer of detective, murder, mystery novels Rajwade and struggling actor Ajay Talwalkar have something in common, Rajwade's wife Sai. In an attempt to find a way out of this without costing Rajwade a fortune in alimony, Rajwade proposes Ajay to steal his jewelry simulating a burglary. Ajay would make a fortune selling the jewels to an intermediary; and Rajwade would be reimbursed by the insurance company and would not pay alimony. However, the whole situation was part of an evil game. When Ajay vanishes, a witty, funny and sharp sub inspector Dhanwade visits Rajwade to investigate what really happened that night, when deadly games are disclosed.

Tickets @ Rs. 350, 250 & 150 available at the venue.

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