DO SCIENCE-An Opportunity to Explore Scientist Within You

DO SCIENCE-An Opportunity to Explore Scientist Within You


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About The Event

Do -Science.. An Initiative by planmystudy

Do-Science is  hands on Science activity program for school children  to explore Joy of Science by Doing. The program is based on project & experimental based  learning along with academic session so as to enhance understanding of scientific concepts. Most of the models & experimental material is given on take away basis for deep experimentation, more learnings & to develop a small Lab at home.

Once a week $ 40 Regular Periods $ 20 Sessions $ 30 hours $ 30+ Activities

Starts @ 15th of August Independence Day & Ends @ 28th Feb Science Day

With Science Day Quiz and /or Science Exhibition.

Topics & Activities

Biology : Understand Microscope & Observation, Digital Microscope, magnifying glass, Human Skeleton, Photosynthesis study kit, Working of lung, DNA Kit , Know your Body, Working Lungs Model, Stethoscope, water Science Kit, Seed Germination,

Physics :  Newtons Law, Archimedes Principls, Wonders in Physics, Eureka, DC Motor, DC Generator working projects, Density, Buoyancy, Volume Displayed, Science of Light, Electromagnetism, U Tube manometer, Film Projector, Picture Projector, Kaleidoscope, Periscope, Optical  illusion Top, string

Phone, Clock, balloon amplifier, Newton’s Craddle, How do Pulleys work , Rubber powered & Steam Boat, Optics, KE, PE etc

Chemistry : Perform Chemical Reactions, Litmus paper, Acid base Titration, Fileration activity, Making working Daniel cell, Electrolysis, Periodic Tables, Volcano, CO2, O2 preparation etc

Kitchen Science : Acids, bases & Salts in kitchen, Make & use of  Carbon Dioxide, Preservation, Water purification DIY kit etc.

Electricity : Basics of Electricity & Electron flow, Make Cell using salt & lemon, Ohms Law, Load & Current , Make Heater & rheostat, Fun with Static Electricity, Electricity Generation etc.

Electronics : Use of components, Battery, PCB, Bell making kit, Electromagnetism, Transistor based circuits, Electromagnetic Relay, Revolving apple, Series Parallel Circuits, Ohm’s Law  etc.

Magnetism :  poles, attraction & Repulsion between poles, directive property, magnetic field, lines of force, Levitating pencil project, Floating Compass, Deflection of needle, Electromagnet.

Solar Systems : Make hanging System, Star Dial Telescope etc.

Do mathematics : Doing Pythagoras theorem, Algebric Identities & expressions, Geometrical 2D & 3D Shapes, Area, surface, volume, Pyramid, Spring, Disc Puzzles, Odyssey Quiz etc.

Robotics : Open Ended Learning  from basics to Arduino based control signals, hardware & open source coding & programming

Grooming & Concentration activities based on MKCL tools & kits

Topics : Energy, Weather, Origami, Science of flying etc.

Topics from above are included as per age group, requirement & Type of Activity. Modifications are made as per request & need

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