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Business is growing at a slower rate than you want?
You are creating personal Wealth and Income BUT below your anticipation?
Your Holidays and Personal Life have taken a ba

PiE - Progressive intuitive Entrepreneurship


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About The Event

Key Challenges … the ‘key’ is to solve them... Now! 

  1. Business is growing at a slower rate than you want?
  2. You are creating personal Wealth and Income BUT below your anticipation?
  3. Your Holidays and Personal Life have taken a back seat and business is driving your life?
  4. When you calculate time spent at work – looks like most of the time is spent in last minute or daily tasks?
  5. Real 'how to' expertise and support that is needed to get your business to the next level, seems hard to find?
  6. You seem to be the hardest working resource in your business?
  7. Many tasks that you do – cannot be done by another resource or you are unable to find replacements?
  8. It is hard to attract and train the RIGHT employees.
  9. ‘Freedom’ for which you started business, seems very hard to find and work eats up most of your time?
  10. You feel you can accomplish more if you had access to the expertise of a Business Coach
  11. You feel you are not replaceable?
  12. You seem to have difficulty in making your team give you the output that you desire?


If you answered in the affirmative (said Yes) to any or some or all of the above challenges… it’s time to dig deep and get a ‘huge share’ out of the business ‘Pie’

PiE - Progressive intuitive Entrepreneurship is the vehicle that creates awareness about “Entrepreneurial Empowerment” to business owners and entrepreneurs. The objective is to apprise entrepreneurs of the trends and current ‘success’ tools that help entrepreneurs create a perpetually progressive growth path. This is an initiative to bring to the entrepreneurs the awareness about the path and support available for them to use and benefit from.

Every PiE workshop will focus on the above objective and in providing impactful inputs on one or multiple business challenge area/s, making this one of a kind ‘Power Packed Impactful Workshop!’ Collaborative approach and commitment to the Real and Visible entrepreneurial success and growth make this workshop a must attend for an “Growth Focused Entrepreneur”


Ever Evolving Core Strategies @ Visible Results:

  • Using Vision to create Sustainable Progress
  • Focus on free time to Increase Productivity
  • Effective Delegation leading to Increased Income
  • Enhancing Relationships to create opportunities
  • Create Realizations and not just Discipline
  • Good Vs Right Employee
  • Task-man-ship to effective Leader-ship
  • Time Management
  • Delegation – 3 Ds
  • Free day
  • Focus on Unique Ability instead of Skills
  • Moving away from Meetings to synchronising
  • Brand Promise and X-Factor
  • Growth management


Entrepreneurs may be able to implement on their own some of these strategies. But the truth is that many of the entrepreneurs get caught up in immediate business demands and day to day tasks, distracting them from their objective of running a strategic, process and system driven business.

Making this transformation is easy and achievable, if the approach is structured and creates a path to help set and achieve incremental goals and helps to maintain your accountability towards the same.

Proven Tools, Strategies and implementation support, make this process of transformation real, visible and sustainable.

What we do at the least apart from new strategies, empowered thought process and new skills infusion - is boost confidence and this increased confidence results in  better usage of your time, thereby increasing your productivity, enhanced creativity and adds balance to your life, leading to greater success – more money, more fame, more recognition and anything else that defines success for you.

Make the most critical move of your entrepreneurial journey, decide to invest in the most precious asset of your business – YOU – the empowered entrepreneur!


About Visible Results Entrepreneurial Solutions Pvt Ltd:

Visible Results Entrepreneurial Solutions is an Entrepreneur Enablement Organization, with a Purpose to Create a Supremely Supportive Environment for Entrepreneurship, by Empowering Businesses to Create a Visible and Sustainable Growth Path, and simultaneously Enabling the Entrepreneurs to Spearhead this Growth, while experiencing a Happy and Meaningful Life, for the benefit of world at large.


About Visible-Higher Ventures:

Visible-Higher Ventures is a Dynamic Business House with active interests in the domain of Renewable Power Generation, Entrepreneurial Development, SME Business Coaching & Consulting, Sales Enablement and Consulting, Corporate Learning & Development and Executive Coaching, Self-Awareness & Emotional Mastery, Life Coaching, Software Product Development, Reality, Advertising and Media, News Publication and Tabloid, Ready to wear clothing and Fashion Jewellery, MICE and Women Empowerment through Small Businesses.

Visible-Higher Ventures was formed with an objective to deliver “REAL” implementable solutions that will lead to ‘Visible’, ‘Higher’ and Sustainable Growth. We have come to deep and striking realization of the fact that entrepreneurship is the key to many challenges that our country and this world is facing, and as such our focus and dedication is to enable and transform the lives and business of Leaders and Entrepreneurs in the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Space. 

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