Book Online Tickets for Picnic @ Kaveri river - Muddie Trails sp, Bengaluru. Disclaimer: NO ALCOHOL meetup.

Image: Our campsite.
Don\'t want to go too far away from home this weekend?Wish to escape the city and spend an amazing night/day amidst the nature?Wish to dance? Wish to sing? Wish to play? Wish to socialize?How abou

Picnic @ Kaveri river - Muddie Trails special


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About The Event

Disclaimer: NO ALCOHOL meetup.

Image: Our campsite.

Don't want to go too far away from home this weekend?
Wish to escape the city and spend an amazing night/day amidst the nature?
Wish to dance? Wish to sing? Wish to play? Wish to socialize?
How about a delicious barbecue and the campfire in the chilling winter weather?
How about a camp surrounded by mountains, close to the river, close to the forest?
How about hiking those mountains for a mini-trek?
How about just putting your legs in the stream and getting tickled by fishes?
How about some amateur fishing with mosquito net?
How about resting in village style huts?
How about just sleeping under the stars, trying to recall stories told by your grand pa about those mysterious beings living on a distant planet and all of a sudden sighting a shooting star that mesmerizes & thrills you in a split second?

Ah! the legend has it that wishing at the time of a shooting star makes your wish come true!
Have you made a wish? No? well, try again, the night is yours! just yours! may your wish come true.. after all, you are here for a reason!

Everything till now seems unreal? here we go in bold: This is a NO-Alcohol picnic!
Register only if you can sacrifice alcohol for one night and one day!



Saturday: leave Bangalore in the evening around 5 PM Saturday(pick up spots - Tin Factory, Indiranagar, Koramangala, Silk Board, Jayadeva, Banashankari..)
(self-ride also can just follow our vehicle..)

Reach campsite by 9 PM. Campfire, delicious veg/non-veg barbecue, fresh & hot veg/non-veg dinner, music, sing, dance around the warm in the huts or just outside counting stars!

Sunday morning breakfast, visit the Kaveri stream, play in water, catch some fish, yummy lunch, relax, group activities, pick a mountain, go for a small trek & conquer it (guided trek)! Come back to campsite, hot hot tea and start back home with awesome memories (same drop points)!

Image: lush green fields near our campsite..


Inclusions: everything written above - Barbecue, Campfire, Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch, Travel, Kaveri stream, Fishing, Trek with a guide, Group activities, Accomodation in huts on shared basis, and last but not least an awesome Tea with freshly baked cakes!
Exclusions: try to figure out, if any ;-)

How to register? 
Only if you agree to Muddie Trails Terms, Conditions, and Policies:  you can register your slot.


Terms, Conditions, Policies (Strictly followed)


The "Offbeat" theme of Muddie Trails:
Muddie Trails provides real offbeat experiences for the travelers like trekking, adventure activities, camping in tents, bonfire, barbecue, visiting exploring and experiencing the unknown but awesome destinations that are not crowded with tourists. We do NOT take travelers to a tourist place unless it is required as a "filler" in the itinerary between two offbeat places. 
Travelers are requested to refrain from asking our organizers to take them to ABC temple or XYZ church. The itinerary is already decided and posted based on our offbeat theme. Organizer will only change the itinerary if any place cannot be done because of unpredictable reasons. If you have a wish list of tourist places to tick off in your mind, then probably Muddie Trails is not for you and we request you - please do not register.

By paying the registration fee you are giving unconditional acceptance of the below 
Terms & Conditions of Muddie Trails:

1. No alcohol & smoking during Treks & adventure activities. There would be separate window and space (usually at night) to have these at campsite/homestay for interested people (only if the campsite/homestay permits)
2. We assure awesome memories every trip, but not awesome facilities! No Luxury. We provide basic facilities in terms of food, travel & accommodation. In some places, especially for treks & forest-related Meetups, expect not so neat washrooms/change rooms, and basic but edible food :)
3. We wouldn’t want to waste time in sitting at a restaurant and munch our food for hours during trips. This wastes our precious time. So we pack our food whenever possible to avoid unnecessary delays.
3. In some Meetups, especially treks involving wild forest, expect leeches and other insects. However we can take precautions to avoid them - we discuss these things in our trip's WhatsApp group.
4. Our itinerary is flexible. It may happen we do not cover all the places mentioned in the itinerary because of unpredictable reasons like weather, wild animal presence, abrupt blocking of sites by the forest department, delay in travel because of an issue with our group itself, traffic conditions etc. In most cases, if the time permits, we try to travel to an alternative place. But in some cases, we may have to skip a place altogether.
5. Absolutely no littering during our travels. We swear to protect our environment.
6. Please co-operate with the organizer in following the schedule set for the day (especially getting up and getting ready in the morning). This will ensure we won't miss out on the real fun part - that is traveling. 
7. You are responsible for your own safety while traveling with Muddie Trails. Don't indulge in any illegal or silly activity that causes harm to you or fellow travelers.

Trek Policies:
* Nobody shall deviate from Trek path led by Organizers/Guide.
* During the meetup Muddie Trails is not responsible in case of any injuries or animal attacks or reptile bites.
* Expect the unexpected in case of wild forests like the sudden closing of trek path by govt/forest department(because of wild animal sighting/landslide/some crime), in which case we may have to cancel the trek (This is very rare - never happened till now). In this case, the Organizer will plan for alternate trek/trip. If this is not possible then Muddie Trails will refund the remaining amount after removing the travel cost.

Refund policy:
- Full refund if you make a request before 3 days of the meetup start date.
- 50% refund within 3 days and before 24 hours from meetup start time.
- No refund within 24 hours from meetup start time
- No refund during/after the meetup 
- 10% online gateway charges will be deducted in any kind of refund done online

Behavioral Policy: 
* Travelers are expected to respect each other and help each other.
* Avoid discussing sensitive matters like SEX, POLITICS and RELIGION/RACE. 
* Using foul or abusive language or arguing with fellow travelers/ organizer will not be acceptable and will stand a chance of being deserted by the travel group.


Image: campsite..

Facilities at our campsite: Country style huts & dorm, big kitchen, 10 neat and clean washrooms - separate for men/women, 3 Cows for fresh milk, 2 adorable dogs, lush green gardens, campfire, big barbeque setup, Mongolian style hut for social get-together music dance and skits, caretaker family living side by, huge covered playing area to play shuttle, football & other sports..and no mosquitoes ;-)

Things to carry: will be updated in our meetup's WhatsApp group to all registered folks. 

Image: our lovely campsite huts..


Please make sure you read our Terms, Conditions, and Policies before you book your slot :) 

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